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  1. I guess its sad that I only know 4 of those (Drnkn, Deluged, Zilents) all were good players imho in the day.
  2. We get it Gunwounds. Man is Evil, Wicked, immoral and that everyone who thinks differently than you is going to hell. All people who don't worship as Gunwounds does are stupid. Too bad your in the minority in the world, but yes, in your own mind your right as always.. Fact: Kansas Did support Bush in the last election Fact: Bush is a Christian your Fact: People in Kansas are Stupid Conclusion Since everyone in Kansas is stupid, and they vote for Bush, and Bush is Christian, Christians are stupid. Anyone can make massive generalities. Doesn't make them correct. [in Homer Simpson voice] mmm
  3. So what were the chain of topics that were the most interesting?? (can you identify one or two of your favorites?) I agree, listening to gunwounds thump his "all that don't believe like me are going to hell" preach'in is old Further it would appear that there is little interest in debating business/economics and the like. Well since there has never been a truly communistic state - how could you have a debate on that? Aside from that little issue, communism is a great theory, but man being what man is prevents communism from ever happening (Also prevents democracy from happening). It is al
  4. ps501

    Battlefield 2

    Dude, show me a demographic that is paying 50% margin for assembly for a PC. Those margins haven't existed since the 1980's. The game isn't multi-threaded, therefore there is not a significant advantage to running more than a single processor.... Aside from perhaps trying to mask some personal shortcomings ;D However that said, I'll run a little speed test later this week.
  5. ps501

    Battlefield 2

    Is this a CPU processor issue, or a graphics card issue? Is there a recommendation to avoid the dreaded lag?
  6. ps501

    Battlefield 2

    Well here is a question for the masses. It would appear that my older Emp comp won't play this game well; and the ones I have that will I don't use for gaming. So the easy solution would be to get a new gaming PC; AMD or P4? (Which proc and is 3.0 fast enough or is faster really needed) Is a Geforce 6600 256MB PCI Express sufficiently over the needs of the game Which Sound card; presumably some version of Creative Labs but which? I'm assuming just a single 7200RPM drive is fine Assuming 1GB PC3200 RAM is sufficient Anything else I should be considering? In short, sure I could buy the last
  7. ps501


    If you really want to go to Mexico, there are much nicer places to be than Cancun. Playa Del Carmen is just a bit from there, and has significantly fewer tourists. Of course the humidity will just get to you anywhere in that part of Mexico. You can also consider the Dominican Republic. Very impoverished nation somewhat stable government. You can easily get a place in Casa De Campo (Its a nice 7000 acre resort origionally founded by the Gulf and Western company. Has a nice international airport on it too. And regardless of uprisings from the citizens nearby, the resort is well protecte
  8. Well unless its either crabgrass, or the newly re-engineered buffalo grass. Both will survive significant traffic and continue to thrive.
  9. So before you go and dissuade the fact that God couldn't have a Daughter. And perhaps it was a bad analogy. My point here was Jews, who have been around longer than Christians, are still waiting for the Son of God. Christians, who have been around for some 2000 years, believe the Son of Man was sent Muslims, that have been around for some 500 years, believe JC was just one of many profits. Mormons, who have been around for some 200 years, ... Get the picture You have chosen to jump on the 2000 year old belief, and believe all others are flawed. I hate to tell ya, that Mormons, Jews, Muslims
  10. Does anyone know (or admit to) who ever used the NIC drt4 on WOL? That was the only guy that really ever rubbed me the wrong way, we only played one game, 1v1, and he lost. I've never seen someone react like he did. All though the game he kept IMing smak (which is why he probably lost) "Your gonna die" "you play like a girl" "Why don't you just run home to momma" like non-stop. (sound like any player of old to you?) Only after my Minos and sards were in his base, did he really lose it and get irrate.... (Since Erjin999 guessed correctly who the 1st guy was, not really hard, I'm just c
  11. Guns - Here is where you and I must absolutely disgree. You think I'm bashing Christians. Show me where I'm attacking "Christians... as greedy corrupt bastards" as you suggest, becaues you cannot. This is because I'm not attacking Christians. You'll not find a quote from me that says that Christians are absolute morons and deserve to be shot. So please don't continue to twist my words around to suit yourself. If you must say I'm attacking something then I attack corrupt Religions. Religions are the perfect opiate for the masses. And I'm not talking about the obvious Made for TV mega churc
  12. Well I'd argue that more than 50% of the world is politically influenced by the USA. Being the #1 loan shark of the world; providing the most aid, etc. Many countries couldn't do the things they do without USA aid. Now I'm not saying that Romaina would fall apart without US aid or bases, but still an extra 100million in economic gain to have a US base is a tempting prospect. I don't think (but I'll leave it to a German or Italian to reply) that German or Italians feel their soverenity threatened by a US base being there. But I do see your point. I'd not want a [insert country here] base
  13. Well as long as scouting with your MCV, and wall building is still the way to go, then I think I'll be back in my old form in no time. ;D (That was so funny, I recall once with a game against Apollyon and Mr Dozy, Apollyon actually did scout with his MCV. He (I think) was in the corner on fishers, I was in the 2nd "power rock" on the top center. just after I completed my factory, here is Apollyon's MCV in my base. Completely funny. *sigh* some good times were had by many.) It will probaby be a month or more before I have the chance to reinstall. I'm still in one my rental homes wait
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