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Brute Force or Finesse

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well atriedes is not finesse or brute force its more like leeching, its hard to just build a massive army like a hark rusher does or even use scouts as a finesse unit, see someday guys i will actually tell you ever single trick in the book i know, im not the best emp player or even actually think i am, but i know, and i do KNOW that my skills and tactics are used by alot and are considered great. but everyone knows how i play i like to mass build and then attack, so i'd have to be a brute force mother fooker, unless i play ordos and then i'd just toy with u until i got kobs or lasers or just a massive dust sard mix. oh yeah hey guys, im back to typing in the boards, i just finished navy boot camp a few weeks ago, and was supposed to go to gulf port miss. but it got destroyed by the hurrican and now im in port hueneme california, so hey wassup and maybe i'll buy a laptop and come play, but for now im just using the coffee net comps. peace out and glad to see people still playing the best game ever invented.!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I hope that made sense, I missed a comma.

Me, I try finesse and fail, ending up with brute force...

Basically, try to be clever, it doesnt work, and then just get all your units and have a big jamboree right there on the sand.

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id rather see a few lasers getting lvl 2 rank by cutting thru a heap of  tier 1 tanks ,rather than use 20 dust on 10 buzz

even with hark id still prefer missile tanks/devastators vs minos than 20 buzz saws

or a nice sonic drop nexto a wall of kobras rather than marching ur minos to out range them

im not much of a hark player anymore so id hafto say finnese....then brute force

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