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Nema Fakei and all english language freaks: A question for you!


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Dammit, its turned into a background process that corrects mistakes without us realising it.

Honestly, its cramping what little writing style I have  :(

shure would be good if it left my mistakes alone.

Yeah style that's the word...

I don't think Nema's strict enough, he should move on to 'Americanisms' next.

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Well he does speak a different language. Nema Fakei speaks British English. Exatreides speaks American English. Jack Leaf and I speak... International English. :) It's good that the Brits on Fed2k have Nema Fakei. He speaks their language. :D

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What's up, mate -> English english

I don't think I've ever heard anyone say it like that, considering that 'What's up' is quite a formal way of saying it (though a coloquialism [sP?] nonetheless) and then 'Mate' is very informal.

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Well, there was also the (not so) popular "wazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzup" ("Wa" followed by a hard "Z" changing to a soft "S" with a "up" at the end of it)  from the American TV Commercials a few years back.

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Was going to ask Nema via IM, but dcided that since this topic was here, it might as well be useful. I need to know a word, and I'm having trouble looking it up because I need both the definition and the word itself. In fact, I'm not even sure if there is a word.

Ok, the easiest way to do this would be by examples, so here's a few:

Lord of Water

Spirit of Trees

Cheese of War

Horeseman of Famine

Digital camera of Wrath.

You notice that all of the examples have an 'of something' in them. What I want to know is, what is the word for 'of something' ? It can't be 'title,' or at least, 'title' just doesn't seem right. The title is Lord, the 'of something,' is different, I think. And 'cheese' can't be a title anyway.

To clarify, if a man starts calling himself 'King of Flies,' then he has granted himself the title of King and responsibility over flies. I need a synonym for 'responsibility over,' something that would work in a similar way to 'He is generally known by his title, King.' 'He is generally known by his [X], which is of Flies.'

I may not have explained this well, but I'd appreciate any help that anyone could give. Especially Nema. Not that the rest of you aren't appreciated. I'll just stop babbling now...

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