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  1. Why is a no cd crack of any concern? With virtual CD, u just load the images into an imaginary drive and play the game. You can load all of ur games into it and put the CDs away for safe keeping.
  2. I think that Marcos lives in Rio de Janero, and I will ship it to him, as I said.
  3. This works better for me than the xwis link, http://www.dune2k.com/ladder/?show=online
  4. I think it would be best if ATR minos were invisible like fremen, and can shoot air like missle tanks, and can move like lasertanks, and fly, and build like saws and cost 350 solaris with no upgrade. That would be best in my opinion. Leave all other units the same. This will make balance in the game. :) O ya, and have on board leech maker too, that would be cool.
  5. Spazelord is a chick and she does have a girlfriend that plays too. I did them both before, at the same time, so dont be trying to mack on my hoes please.
  6. clam74,skumclam, elite47r - sup fool , good 2 c u back - u suck my msn = chipthebrick04@hotmail.com , add me. Late
  7. Its seems that no1 can connect to xwis with EBFD as i have the same problems that ord describes. I did notice that when i freeze, my nick remains on the list of who is online for a very long time, half hour or so. I dont think any1 can get on xwis with EBFD currently, you may see nicks on the list(frozen), but u never see a hosted game. Hopefully Olaf will fix it soon. WOL working just fine for now.
  8. I must say again PS, you are a right on kinda guy. Too bad there are not more people like you in this world. Im glad to know you.
  9. Guns, the game lasted way longer than 3 min, but I think what Navs point is , that he would have quit early once he saw that he was gonna get spanked. How many games I quit against you when you gas me and get 1 of my refs in the first minute of the game. Never. I always give it my best effort. My mom didnt raise a quitter, navs mom did. And furthermore guns I will stomp him on any setts he likes, it makes no difference to me. His level of play is nowhere near yours anymore guns.
  10. So you beat BMW in a game. Damn, you are the greatest Emp player in history nav. I know why you cant recall any others, cuz there are none.As far as you being the center of attention, I liken you to the man with a 3 inch pecker who stood in town square with it hanging out, telling everyone how it was soooo huge. He was the center of attention too, but this was not necessarily a good thing because everyone was laughing at him. Put your pecker away nav. It seems quite silly that you claim to have all of these"skills" but you cannot show them to anyone who is not a total n00b. You see nav, my grandfather is 85 years old, and has had heart bypass 3 times. Back 65 years ago he was a boxer in the Navy. The other day he got mad at me and told me how he was gonna kick my ass. Maybe if he was 65 years younger he could.
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