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What are you listening to right now?

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I really wonder what made them reunite.

My guess is profit. I didn't know they got back together. I know that Smashing Pumpkins did and released an album. Most likely profit as well. They gotta put food on the table ;)

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So the MTV music video awards aired tonight.

And Peter Bjorn and John is up for a "Best new artist" award (they lost). What I don't understand is that last years album they released was their 3rd album. So I'm not sure why mtv is labeling them a new band. Maybe because last years album was their biggest hit yet. Either way MTV is irrelevant nowadays.

I'm almost at the end of my playlist! Think I started listening to it in mid June.

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Furious Angels by Rob Dougan.

I expect quite a few of you will have heard Clubbed to Death by Rob Dougan, but this one's definitely worth a listen to as well, just go on Youtube, and there's loads of Matrix fan videos with this song on.  I'm listening to the Instrumental version at the moment, but this normal version is just as good.

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Zoe radio came back for a little bit. Getting her birthday podcast.


She actually DJ for Beastie Boys directly before their concert for 45 minutes. More bands to check out (from her playlist)!

I don't usually listen to podcasts, this has been about the only one, and there were only like 5 podcasts. Better than mainstream media.

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I've just found a really cool group, called Apocalyptica.  They're a Finnish cello metal group who started out doing covers of Metallica hits.  Right now, I'm totally obsessed with one piece in particular - "Farewell".

This video is Farewell, set to scenes from Equilibrium, which looks like a really awesome movie.

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Radiohead downloads were just a tactic to boost CD sales

They were one of the first to do it, got lots of free publicity (it was on every news channel), got money from people who thought they were sticking it to the man (or none when people paid nothing), but it turns out they still have a major label contract and will be selling cds.

This was a smart move for them because some people just want a digital download so they can play music on ipod or whatever. I don't know of many people buying cd's then ripping it to play in ipod.

There will be lots of artists doing this to get the free publicity and the music industry likes it because these artists are still on contract.

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