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This topic is being made as a direct result of the anticipation of the delivery of my new mobile phone.  It's over three days late, but I have it on good faith that it will be with me within a few hours.  I am usually very patient, but when your current mobile vibrates for no reason and receives the same text message anywhere between 3 and 11 times, one's patience for certain courier services and usually reliable service providers tends to wane.

So to distract me from the combined excitement and impatience that waiting entails, I deiced to start this topic.  What type of mobile phone (or cellular phone, depending on where you live) does everybody on FED2k have?  I tried a search for "Mobile Phones" using the forum's search engine, and it came up blank.  I am therefore intrigued as to what model and make everyone has.  I'll start off with my phones - the one I have at the moment, and the one I'm getting.

My current phone.  It was good a couple of years ago when I bought it, but in those two years it has given me almost nothing but problems.  If you have this phone, you may know what I'm saying.  If you don't, then don't get it... I predict that there's a 42% chance it will actually explode in your hand.

My shiny new phone. ;D  Now this baby is amazing.  Not only does it look cool, check out its features.  Of course, there are better phones on the website, but not too many.  And I won't even consider getting another make; in my experience, Nokia are the best when it comes to mobiles.

So, what does everyone else have? :)

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I've seen your new phone type. It's pretty good.

I myself have a Siemens CX 65. It has a pretty large screen, looks good and can make some nice pictures. The only thing that isn't too good is the software. Sometimes it crashes.

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Please may I call to attention the fact that a phone is a linguistic term for a sound found in a language. A 'phone, short for telephone, is a device for communicating sound over a long range. I suspect that the sentence "Vowels are very mobile phones" would be prefectly sound. (Sorry)

Oh, and I do not own a mobile telephone.

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I think we had a Cell Phone thread before but oh well..... :)

Here is my phone.....

~Motorola V60t~



I have had the phone for 2 and a half years now and its still a great phone. All those fancy schmancy color screen phones with cameras....meh a phone is meant for talking not playing games on and taking pictures. And my phone is almost three years old and it still looks slim and sleak. James bond style....... 8)

It was the fanciest/most expensive phone at the time and it still is a badass in my book.

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Nema, is that said seriously or are you amusing us deliberately ?  :D

Dragoon, I had the same old phone as you, and am already using the phone you should now have received. I didnt like the old one, only used it for a short time and did not like it at all (menu, screen, heck, even the button layout). The new one is better, but so different it feels strange.

I am shure I will get used to it. Itis a very good 'phone and I am shure you will like it. AS for what you say about nokia's, I agree, I would never consider anything but a nokia, I love their OS (even if the new one will take getting used to!).

My fav is the 7250i, as I just got used to that.

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Dragoon, I had the same old phone as you, and am already using the phone you should now have received.

:O That's one spooky co-incidence. :P  Good news, my phone finally arrived!  I saw the parcel van pull in to the sqaure where I live and I kind of went nuts. ;D

This phone kicks proverbial ass.  It looked good on the website, but it is even better when you have it in your hand.  The only thing I have to complain about is that it does not come with a cable for connecting your phone to your PC, though it does include the software. ???

I'm going to order the cable now.  Just got to check the manual and see what code-number-thingy it is.  Then it's MP3 transfer time!

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Oh, and if you're putting Mp3's on, 32mb won't suffice :)

I beg to differ. :P  I've just spent the best part of an hour moving a selection of MP3 files from my computer to my phone.  It was a bloody task, though... for those of you that own a 6230, you'll know that the phone's memory and the memory card are seperate; you can't spread files between the two.  It was like a jigsaw puzzle, trying to fit the damned things in correctly so almost all the space was used in both sections.  It reminded me of the old 'water and two jugs' puzzle that was most recently seen in "Die Hard: With A Vengeance". :D

I managed to get quite a lot of files, which is enough for me.  Here's the list of songs that are now on my Nokia 6230:

Tenacious D - Tribute

Muse - Newborn

Weird Al Yankovich - Hardware Store

Monty Python - The Galaxy Song

Dire Straits - Walk of Life

Nobuo Uematsu - Liberi Fatali (Final Fantasy VII Theme)

Nobuo Uematsu - Ragnarok (Final Fantasy VII Airship Theme)

Unknown Artist - Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Theme  ;D

Unknown Artist - Mortal Kombat Movie Theme

Unknown Artist - Sonic The Hedgehog (Saturday Morning Cartoon Series Theme) ;D

Bad Religion - You

Monty Python - "I Fart In Your General Direction!" (Not a song, just an audio extract from The Holy Grail :D)

I couldn't use my shiny new cable to connect my phone to my PC... I need XP SP 1 or later.  Due to certain circumstances *cough, cough*... I can't get XP SP1 or SP2.  So no cable... but my flatmate's Bluetooth Dongle worked fine on my PC, so I'll just nick it when I want to change the list.  This phone rocketh mightily. ;D

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