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  1. <cough> pointybum@hotmail.com Hi people. I've kinda walked out to the off license and forgot my way back. Cant remember the last time I was here, but it's good to meet the friends and foes again at that place they call the 'fisher's plain.' :)
  2. I think you guys should checkout 3dna - its a virtual desktop where you roam about in 3d as if you are in a flash pad. The best part of it is when you are outside with your chosen skybox - some of them are absolutely amazing. I tried to upload my virtual pad to show you guys but a 159kb file is clearly too big...
  3. pointybum


    gee', a ranking system where we sit and say 'I wrote more crap than you'. :D
  4. Gobalopper answered this question before - the connection leaves EA's domain once the game is launched. The speed of the game is down to the status of the internet that connects the 4 players together. Thats why same teams, same whatever can vary from game to game. It is usually what is going elsewhere in the world that can affect the connection speed and strength.
  5. pointybum


    i noticed that it says i am a mentat? is that a good thing?
  6. lol hello gents i see nothing has changed then
  7. A vacant minded emperor player broke into my palace, knicked my smelly underpants and went out for a wander (obviously to try and pull a few birds). He then crepted back in and put them back exactly where I left them, hoping I wouldnt notice. Well, I didnt notice, but every body else in the street did. Doompower informs me that he like many others, saw my skumdoc name in bc rooms. He even paged me but I conveniently went deaf, so he thought. If espionage was the chain of thought, wouldnt it be smart thinking to use a lesser known skum name, and perhaps use a player who actually plays bc's so to not arouse suspicion? Gunwounds drops in to say hi. He tells me my skumdoc account got hacked into and it was sendakon. He said he was paged by him (as skumdoc) saying hi. Later on Procyonb breaks a habit of a lifetime and actually tries the art of talking instead of his verbal toilet. He tells me it were Gunwounds that hacked into my skumdoc account and did it to lose points etc. Well, Procyonb wasnt satisfied with my reaction and predictably launched himself into that verbal toilet. FEW multi nicked, organised losses, and now they have approached the digital bit stream approach to point rigging. So, if you're schloppy like me, y'know, use a password that remotely resembles 12345678...... need I say more? ;) bless em
  8. pointybum


    lol finally here.. just come from a damn long walk from arrakis.. just forgot my house keys.
  9. What help would an alien give? If Afghanistan had their ways they'd use cranky wooden trebuchets to launch their so-called stinkbombs against the 'mechawarrior' clad american army. It's definately 3 minos vs 1 assault tank when it comes to comparing ranks. I think the aliens would sit in and watch this one. 8)
  10. Intelligence is measured with ability, and if you measure ability with survival, death by natural selection by a smarter cause encourages intelligence growth. This intelligence growth encourages the learning curve and logical problem solving, which together comes with experience, experience and its frequency offers better survival tools. Here we are today. We consider every human being as intelligent, greater in some areas, and poor in others. If you look at our ecosystem, we run the planet over the top of the natural habitats of creatures that have been hear before us. We have kicked them out of their own natural patches and forced to live around our own. Obviously this is not an emotional thing but a death by natural selection. If it isnt that, then it will be domestication. Basic farming, then intellgent farming, and then to a village, town, city, and before long they are networked together and we have it today as globalisation. We have systematically bullied all species off their territory and made it our own - not with malice but with instinctive thought for survival. Our hands are the best in the world - intelligence came from the use of our hands - our hands are what makes us successful above any living thing on this planet today. Hold your right hand up and touch each finger with your right thumb, and then repeat the process with your left hand. Name me a creature that can deliberately do that - such precise control of dexterity, even our closest ancestral relatives cannot even perform such a simple feat. So, if we do get alien visitations, chances are they will have the use of limbs similar to ours. Their own survival code would be similar. Lets face it, if you landed/flew/hovvered anywhere on earth that is heavily populated, the widespread panic and hostility would scare our brothers away. The use of stealth would be the logical approach and thats how in the last 50 years, with the advancements of measuring and recording technology, more sightings and mysteries had occurred than any other time. If they land one day, I hope they dont pick afghanistan. ;D
  11. As the mods had said it, F moving on.
  12. The Man Who Thought His Wife Was a Hat ;) One such great book by Messrs Sacks.
  13. Emp, I was inspired by your post on build orders - your website caught my (otherwise bad) attention span and was quite informative - you couldnt really knock it. It was when Nav raised his ugly piled arse I started to question the moderators integrity at running a fair and balanced web-site. The banning of that young peep for chipping 'I know' was hardly annoying to any individual person, but compared with nav (as if you need telling), its a full on attack regardless of the relevancy. Good for you with the bo's, keep em comin.
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