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Does Any1 Remember KKND (Krush, Kill N Destroy) ?


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Man I played it and really really liked it.

And I remorse for not making a copy of it, and still searching for it.

KKND was never a C&C clone. Tt had option to research much like AOE. I would say it is mixture of both AOE and C&C.  And a good one. The aussies really know how to make a good game!

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Heh, I was actually going to think of making a topic like this... :)

I have KKND1:Xtreme, but it's rather frustrating from time to time. Cool game, still.

And oh, the both games can be downloaded from Home of the Underdogs.

what is the web address?

ps - I would have bought it but can not find in nearby store so do not mid please.

Anyway I ilked it more than ra1.

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