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  1. Whats the Sequel to KKND Khan ? I really wanna know ?
  2. I really liked that game to bad it faded away. I would still play it online if other people played. The only problm with the game is that its got a few bugs.
  3. :O is it normal for no1 to be on the XCC server and if there is people on how do i find out there on i checked chat room and no1 is ever in there is it ccause no1 plays anymore or is it cause im not looking in the right place but i know im on the right server cause in chat at the top it says welcome to the XCC Server but if u can help me find out how to find other people to play with id be a very happy person Thanks :P
  4. :O Help lol i need help can some1 tell me how to play off this site's server i wanna play EBFD Plz Some1 HELP ME !
  5. :- Yo im new and i need some1 to tell me how to play emperor battle for dune off this site can u instruct me on how to play from this site ?
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