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I'm going to buy Emperor but i'd like to see a screen or a answer to the average amount of people who still play it. post quickly if possible. I'd love a screenshot for evidence.

Not many. Nuff said.

lol  ;D

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we know u from playing? whats ur online nick?

yeah it depends...some ppl do not play with laggers, some ppl dont like it and will blame u sometimes for it, some ppl dont like it but wont say anything, and those gays who lag themself, will play with u those long boring slow-lagger-games...hehe

me for example, when i c 2 host, and i c in 1 host is a lagger, than i go straight in the other1...

there a not much elites, who lag, so my tip, if u wanna play with an elite, join a game when rostok or darkd3th r hosting...hehe


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Regarding this Population issue for emp we (well most of us know) that most people on WoL play on a sunday and so I was thinking if this would be a good idea as to go to WoL every sunday and call people from WoL to join xwis instead.


Just for saundays coz we alredy play during week days.

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