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  1. I am XWIS right now, with 7 other players. And trust me, 7 is good for E:BFD.
  2. XWIS is better, because more people are on, and you see whos on before you load the game up, which is handy.
  3. Not many people play it online, but still worth the money, I think. Here are some screenshots (Brought to you by Google :D) [attachment archived by Gobalopper]
  4. Problem Solved. If it interests anyone, the reason was that Multi-Textures and Shadows were switched on at the same time. So, you have to choose one of the other, if you have the same problem. I chose Multi-Textures, because somehow it increases game performance. :D
  5. Lo all, Yeh, it seems that when a unit attacks, all units and buildings start to flash black. This gets really annoying when in a large battle. >:( I use the Graphics settings on full everything, except I still use 800x600 resolution. My graphics card is a 64mB Radeon 7000 Series. I tried using the Omega Drivers, but that didn't change much except I noticed a slight increase in performance. Help in fixing this problem appreciated. ;)
  6. It seems that map making for E:BFD is easier than it first looks. The editor looks complicated to start, ??? but once you have worked through the tutorials, its seems quite easy. :D Anyone else think this?
  7. Hopefully I can catch some of you online sometime! My XWIS name is in my sig.
  8. I have EE and its expansion: AoC. Great games. I would like to play you sometimes, that would be cool.
  9. Wait, I clicked set on the program thing then went to MP on E:BFD and it worked. Only one game is on though. :P
  10. Ok, got XWIS, but, when I try to login with one of my old accounts for WOL, it doesn't work. This is what I get: server: nick: sg1403 : 375 u :- Login to XCC Online failed! : 372 u :- : 372 u :- Dune 2000: http://dune2k.com/ : 372 u :- : 372 u :- Your serial number has been temporarily banned. Visit Dune 2000 for more information (SID: 0). : 376 : 607 I have never cheated or played unfair. I have 4 of these old accounts, but when I go to delete them using the XWIS page, it doesn't work. Also, when I try to create new nick, it says "Invalid Clan Name". I amn't in a clan, how do I fix this?
  11. Hi all. I am new to here, and I am glad there is a website out there that still has forums and other stuff for Emperor. I think it is great, but sadly, I never find people online, when I go to Multi-Player Custom or Quick Game. Do you guys play on different servers? And how do I connect to these? Help appreciated.
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