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  1. i installed emperor and proceeded to play it on XWIS but i got a problem. i downloaded the latest patch from WOL server and then joined like 10 games on XWIS but they all freezed on connecting... right after the game launches. i played my brother on LAN and it worked fine. does anyone know why it does this to me?
  2. are u serious that there are more people on XSWIS than on WOL because RA2 and TS have more peple on WOL than XSWIS.
  3. this XSWIS crap is happening on all WOL games. I think u need to ignore it all they doing is divideing people up. When WOL
  4. I'm going to buy Emperor but i'd like to see a screen or a answer to the average amount of people who still play it. post quickly if possible. I'd love a screenshot for evidence.
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