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C&C 3 is in the works


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Something from CnCMatrix.com

Adam Isgreen a man, who has the privilage of being Game Design Director at the EALA Studios, posted the following:


Guys, Petroglyph (Me:the new games studio that some people are calling son of Westwood) doesn't have the rights to C&C. EA owns the C&C brand. The Petro guys are doing their own stuff.

What Mark said is true. What you saw was a concept / inspirational piece of art that we did over a year ago that displays on our internal EA monitors here at EALA. Concept art is our "What if?" avenue to explore things we may or may not want to do in the future with game content, a certain look, or atmosphere / tone.

FYI, it's an image of a Scrin Primal defending against a GDI attack on a Scrin base. Obviously, the primal is winning. =)

And yes, there are still a bunch of us ex-westwood guys here."

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