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  1. PS3 sucks and new Xbox360 owns.
  2. emperorz0

    Red Alert 3

    Personally, I'd like to see a FPS like Call of Duty set in RA1 universe. Try RenAlert mod and upcoming Red Alert: A Path Beyond http://dynamic6.gamespy.com/~renalert/
  3. I just finished Kotor 2 and it was great game to me. I suggest that you should get that game if you dont already have it. ;D
  4. I hope that Empire at War will be good game.
  5. Uh, can you control AT-AT (the four legged robot) alone? Yes, but you cant control anti aircraft cannons (works good against land targets as well :P). I have played this game for some time and it was great relief that game wasnt some crap+collection like most of lucasarts games. ;D
  6. http://dynamic6.gamespy.com/~renalert/ All I can say: patch is great. ;D
  7. I saw it, but it was quite strange looking picture. I mind that it would be joke. Anyway tiberian twilight (c&c3) would be nice. :D
  8. I cant say what is best, but here is my favourites: C&C series Dune series Star Wars games Quake 2 Unreal Dungeon Siege Alien vs predator Fifa 98 Outlaws
  9. Kotor is good and hopely kotor 2. Xwing/Tie games rocks! Also Dark Forces 2: Jedi Knight has very good story. It has also good videos/demos.
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