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Testers Wanted


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I am in the process of making an RPG based around the events in Dune 2. It has been lovingly named, DuneRPG for the time being.

You can see some screenshots below (sorry about the small size), which are taken from the Harkonnen Campaign.







Anyways, the game is kind of like Final Fantasy 6 graphics wise.

As you might be able to tell from the name of this thread, I am looking for testers.

Anyone who'd like to help out, please reply and leave your msn address.



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What are the requirements of testing?

And I would like to test this game, although if you are looking at extensive testing with written reports of bugs, I'm not sure.

But any Dune game is a good Dune game. (Will add email once you reply.)

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For testing, I need about 6 people.

2 spaces are gone already.

As for bug reports and stuff, that's not what I need.

Sorry I didn't make it clear in the first post.

I just need people to test the game out on systems other than my own, so that I can be sure the releases will work. As a bonus, you get to see what it's all about.


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Well, I already talked to you about it, but just for the board's sake:  It worked fine!  ;)

By the way, you were telling me you needed some walls and stuff.  I can probably do some of those grphics fro you if you like.  Let me know.

*makes "call me" hand motion*


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