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  1. piss off, and leave me alone u gayshitdropper, i have bad month! so STFU ......... VBC l4m3 killer
  2. if that dont get results what u wanted, you shall find out other trainers for ra2, i think most trainers are made for windows 95,98/me/2000 but if not work on xp. probably trainer is !@#$% up
  3. gryp dont talk to me anyway lol. 200gb recommended for other games too, lol about processors, more ghz can play longer...... better comp bettergamin, if yo thing still bad? go to bed and ****** your brother u cyberbrother******
  4. syczek

    E-Mail Wars

    i have too 5accounts, but i think servers going to update ,(more MB) lol. email wars are started :lol:
  5. i have one thing to say, you probably downloaded dune2000 , on bought dune2000 these problems does not exits. buy dune2000 cd, i recommend to get better connection to play 4/6way and comp too my is: 2 processors: pentium 2 338mhz(34x,49x) and intel celeron 400mhz grapchic card FCC daytona trio 3d 8mb connection cable/modem fast 70k but now 46k 196mb ram hdd 2gb windows 98 that is minimum requirements to 4way in dune2000 lol i think best is 2processors althon 3ghz and intel celeron 1,4ghz grapchic card, matrox 9200 128mb connection via sattelite 10mbps or 100mbps ( T3+ ) 1gb ram (1024mb) hdd 200gb baracuda windows millenium but that for even 6way.. hmmm rotorz onnector , always check game for type: or is installed via CD or downloaded, if is downloaded, RC will bee keeping making errors, if you bought game, RC rn propertly without problems if you have problems with ASDL or somethink check ISP if is active or correctly installed, maybe youneed reinstall windows? and drivers ?
  6. I HAVE PROBLEM I DONT SPEAK IN CZESKY LANGUAGE, (I BOUGHT DUNE2000 ENGLISH VERSION,BUT AFTER INSTALLATION I GOT THIS VERSION LOL. I CANT PLAY MISSIONS SO CATALOG WITH MISSIONS ARE MISSING, I CHECKED RESOURCE.CFG FILE BUT ALL SEEMS OK, i haved dune2000 english version, but lost cd, i add here screenshot about discovery hidden missions, plz.. hows is in czesky language a word "missions" needed that to pla more than 9missions , i place here screenshot, admins andmoderators can post few days ago, i need informations from users first.... [attachment archived by Gobalopper]
  7. atreides,ordos,harkonnen,fremen,smugglers,mercenaries,inra,emperor, and must be possible to ally with one or 2 ai :)P
  8. only one can help here format c: format d: reinstall system , recommended linux knopix 3.2 , but windows xp is cool! windows easy to blow with wiruses linux is hard to learn but evry try may success
  9. i recommend yet cws shredder and ad-ware 6.0 from www.majorgeeks.com that help more
  10. i cant download attachment, gay gobalopper delete always attachment lol
  11. some facts. house unit armor speed time per shot armor Atr. Combat Tank 2100 Medium 2,4seconds per shot medium armored Hark. Combat Tank 2700 Slowest 2,2seconds per shot hard armored Ord. Combat Tank 1800 Fastest 2seconds per one shot weak armored (good for rushing) starportable: combat tank sometimes costs 390 siegetank sometimes 400 missile tank sometimes 490 quad -||- 229 trike -||- 176 mcv -||- 1195 carryal -||- 666 harvester 800
  12. syczek

    PLZ help me!!!!

    when u lost cd and cant find out, you shall buy new dune2k cd but beware for pirated software. sometimes in shops are cheaters and sselling pirated s. than orginal software. when u get new cd, u must install again dune2000 and repathch 1.06v . enjoy! the Intergalactic Naval Research Spaceship INRS
  13. im good on chess .. but we must register me to battle, i cant
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