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Warhammer 40k:Dawn of War *pic heavy*

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Lol that's one of the most stupid statements I've ever heard... Orcs are just as aliens as Zerg in SC...

And WH40k is sci-fi based. It's year 40 000 and there is some kind of massive war waging around. Or something.

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Yes guys I am pleased to announce this.

THQ reveals fourth race in Warhammer strategy game

THQ has revealed the fourth playable race in Relic's upcoming real-time strategy game: the Eldar.

Publisher THQ has revealed the fourth playable race in its upcoming real-time strategy game, Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War. The game will draw inspiration from Games Workshop's sci-fi themed Warhammer 40,000 universe, and previously, THQ had revealed that three of the game's four playable races would be the human Space Marines, the Orks, and Chaos, and the fourth race will be the Eldar, a race of humanoids with powerful psychic abilities and an excellent military infantry.

Quite possibly the best news for a long time!

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Er...how did the orcs land on the planet? If they were not there all along, then could they have used space travel to get there? O_o They can't be using spaceships while they still hold axes...

How come the orcs can't get exterminated though their weaponery is so sucky?Wouldn't their numbers start decreasing at the rate that technology advanced? O_o

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wrong wrong and wrong again.

the onlt race on earth are humans, the orcs developed on other planets far from earth and got their crude technology from human explorers who they promtly killed and used their stuff

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