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  1. I completely agree that 5 year olds shouldnt be playing games like this but no-one 17 or older is going to be mentally scarred in anyway. If you can show me somone that is 17 or older that has, tell me about him/her, cause iv'e never heard of it. Let's just say for sake of argument that some emotionally fragile and over-shelterd person plays this game and is distubed by it. What's to stop them from just not playing it anymore? All you'd have to do anyway is read the back of the case to know what kind of game it is... I think it's probably not right that people should find this kind of stuff entertaining now i think about it, but thats the way it goes. I dont think though that this is going to change the way people think in any way, and it's not going to cause a mass murder across the world... Let's be honest about it, if your going to play the game then your already going to be in that kind of mind set. And obviously that mind set can't belong only to people who are murderers or even genrally not nice people anyway because otherwise we'd either have a completley unsuccesful game, or a world full of killers. I mean noone can denay that if somone syas that there is a head rolling along the ground you don't really want to see it, but you look anyway. So there is somthing there in everyone... and yes, even you quondam.
  2. If there was an earth team and we were playing against mars then there would be world peace i think
  3. Ahh the ultimate question of the Americans. But, yes, it's fanatically popular everywhere, not just Europe. And I honestly doubt you would be able to be told why it's loved so much without going to an important game - if you had a good national team ad a good legue then america would love it too I bet.
  4. Come on Portugal and Czech rep.! I hope they meet in the final
  5. Oh cuz i vaccumed around in my case and stuck a big fat fan in there and it stopped crashing. Also i stuck my fingers in there and burned myself lol...
  6. 1) I've lived in both contries, almost equally as long in both and from an unbiased point of veiw I can say that (*easily*) more americans of my age are overly inerested in guns. And it's not only an unhealthy mentality but it's irritating as hell. Proving this its well known that america happens to have the highest rate of gun-crime in the world. 2) Say exatly where I said that americans made most of the threads. I'll give you a million dollars for it. I'll mail it in cash to your house.
  7. LOL! ANTI AMERICAN??!! I'm being honest! My own dad is American! Why would I be anti-american? Apollyon can vouch for me if you dont believe me. Fed2k is nowhere near a large enough specimen sample to make these observations. Also, I never once said that an American made this thread; not once. Furthermore, since my dad is american, I know loads and loads and loads of Amercans, a huge amount of whom are *my age* are obsessed with guns. OK?
  8. Jesus christ when will you ppl grow up. Damn kids (mostly american) posting about weapons every 15 secs. What exatly is so interesting about missiles and guns and goddamn tanks or whatever. Falling off a tall building would kill somone why dont you post somthing on that? Siriously can you grow up now? Im sick of these threads.
  9. Sorry I havent kept you all informed (you must be very worried). The problem just turned out to be overheating so i'm gunna get meself a nice new thermaltake thingy majig. Thanks for the help anyway
  10. fremfedeliteNIAC


    Yeah I agree with that lol
  11. fremfedeliteNIAC


    I think you ppl are running out of ideas for threads.
  12. Wow, they arn't even trying anymore. That first one though was pretty funny though, I'll give you that.
  13. Me with the ol' sniper rifle Rock and roll![attachment archived by Gobalopper]
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