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Is the book Dune a good read?


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Do we recommend it!?! Why we stand by it, live by it and most of all we have built FED2K on it's very.....very.....very......foundation yeah that's the word I was looking for oh and by the way it is a good book to read. I take it you came by the Duniverse by way of the games or the movie (Lynch) or the mini-series (Harrison).

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It's a REAL good read and is developed to a point where the story becomes so compelling that ...I can

guarantee if you like sci-fi you won't be able to stop at dune (but you could its complete in and of itself.)

Any parallels between spice and oil? Oh,ya. lots of em and the more time goes by the more I wonder.

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Yeah, herbert himself said that spice (or was it water?  Can't seem to remember now) was a paralel to oil.

I've actually just started readin LOTR for the first time (got a copy of it for my birthday the other day) and so far its been disapointing.  Everyone says how great a book it is, but I find it hard to stay awake while reading it.  It seems to be aimed at a younger audience.

Btw, for you Dune trivia freaks out there, how does the term Bedwine (from Ichwan Bedwine) connect to reality?

Answer, there is a nomadic, desert tribe whose name is Bedwine in arabic.

*Note: I think I spelled that wrong:)

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Douglas Adams Is the writer of The Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy.  He past away on May 11 this year at the age of 49. He also wrote Dirk Gently, The meaning of Liff, Change to See and Starship Titanic. In his work he combines fiction with a ( in my oppinion ) good sence of humor. The radio version of The Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy was nominated for a Hugo Award in 1979, the only radio programm that ever got nominated for the Hugo I believe.

There is even a pc-game planned of the books. This is developed by The Digital Village en the publisher of the game will be Pan interactive.

You can find more of him at DouglasAdams.com and more of the game at paninteractive.se if you'd like.

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There is already a (very weird) computer game, I can't remember where on the net. And the answer to Life, the universe and everything is 42.

The problem with this answer is that we don't yet know the question.

Very well, the question is 'What do you get if you multiply six by nine?'

This shows that the universe was fundamentally mucked up to start with.

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