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Is the book Dune a good read?


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          They cannot be compared.

          I guess most people in these forums prefer Dune (so do I).

          However, go over to www.barrowdowns.com and say Dune is better and you will get a really good "blessing" :) Everybody is entitled to an opinion, after all...


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           If I were to recommend you a real good book, I would point out DUNE.

           Tolkien is great, but DUNE is what remains in your mind. (Besides, fantasy is so much watered down by so many authors that it is kind of not cool anymore)

           Science Fiction is (according to a newspaper statistics I read) not as popular as fantasy (except for the watered-down, commercialized Star Wars, which are quite distressingly popular - a friend has himself written 15 Star Wars-based short stories)

Real good science fiction is a good read>>>TRY DUNE!

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