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You can only register three nicks/serial on XWIS. If it says bad nick/pass, either somebody else registered your nick or you already registered three others.

Registering is done by logging in with an unregistered nick.

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olaf...is it possible for you to create a proxy program that would report emperor games played on the xcc server to the fed2k ladder? if you could make one i would be greatly appreciative...cause i played a game on the xcc server and i creamed this guy and it ended up being reported to the xcc ladder and not the fed2k...thanks ;D

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Ok, 2 things.

1. The buddy list gets deleted each time you log in.

2. I'm unable to log in as a different nick (only 1) is this normal?

Other than that it's great.  :)

1. It was disabled to improve performance.

2. No, you should be able to login with three nicks. What's your first nick?

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Low, everyone (except you) knows I have more three nicks. Fact is I can only log in with one (seemingly, although perhaps I have not tried them all) which is 'XmayhemZ'.

I already know that!I just didn't know how to put it... ;)

I think you are thinking up your new nick now? ;D

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