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Hi Olaf can you maybe explain a bit what the different abreviations mean on your link.

I visited and registered on your site, but am a bit unclear about certain things about it.

Also I don't seem to need to run the tool anymore,

When I start the game I can now choose Internet or Lan ?

Which seems to connect to either WOL or your server.

Is this normal or intended ?

You only need the tool to set or reset the address, you don't need to run it each time.

You choose Internet.

No, LAN should stay LAN.

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Olaf I just don't get this.

When I use your tool prog, I ckick set.then start the game.

But if I select Internet it try's to login to wol ?What settings should I have in Otions/Multiplayer Info.

How do I clear my auto login settings.

If I click on LAN it at least trys to go somewhere else.

Could you post a walk though guide how to do this please.

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when I click on Internet I get the wol login page come up with my nick and password already typed in ?

The first time I used the switch it worked but now I don't know how to change the auto login settings.

When the switch window is opened I see the following:

Also There is no readme file with the zip download.

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By the way Olaf. I had the same freeze up on the connecting screen, on your server last night ?

Which seems very odd, I even managed to play a game on WOL server, the game lasted 3 hours, with out much lag or other problems.

This is really weird, could the problem be with the game.exe and Windows xp operating system.

If anyone using Windows ME or windows 98, is connecting ok, could they please let me know , by posting in this thread.Thankyou.

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