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Hi Olaf,

an online player friend of mine is having problems connecting to your site, using the XWIS client switch.

He has a dsl connection through a network card.

Does this make any difference.

When he try's to login he gets an error message, westwood servers not available at the present time ?

I think that somehow the switch isn't changing the IPA.

He's even re-installed the client switch, but no joy.

He is running windows 2000.

Any help or advise will be greatfully received.

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Hi Olaf,

I tried out the command ping server etc, and the test runs but the window closes instantly after the ping test, how do I get it to stay on the desktop, so that I can read it ?

You have to open a command prompt, that's Start - Run - cmd

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I don't have any problems connecting to your site, but my buddie does, I am still waiting for him to contact me.

Sorry, you were right about admin rights on his pc.

It's so long since I used win 2k and when I did I didn't use it for long, about two weeks.

He's forgotton his Admin password ?

So it appears as though he's logging on as a guest

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The same thing happens on wol.

By the way ,now I can only login on your server Olaf.

I get an error message when I set or reset the IRC client switch.

Program not responding ?

This gets weirder and weirder, now I can login to the official server again, but I can't close the client switch by clicking on the red X at the top right hand corner ?

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