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Well from my talks with Olaf it might have something to do with firewalls and the connection process that happens when the players attempt to start a game. If I understand it correctly when you first start a game you still go through WOL even on Olaf's server and that is when the error happens. Again I don't know for sure.

/usr/bin/olaf --verbose ;)

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So we can log onto your server with any nick/pass combo? Please explain?

No. When you login with an unregistered name, the name is automatically registered (with a max of three names/serial). When you login with a registered name, the pass is verified.

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OLAF do u have any ideas why your server is having the cannection problems like WOL server is i mean at the connection screen?

I know your man of short words but how about a paragraph. :)

I guess/think:

EA/WS had several servers that the game contacts to detect what type of firewall you have. These servers might be down now and XWIS did not replace those servers. So the game can't detect the type of firewall and now has problems with certain firewalls.

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When I went on XWIS before it stated that 43 were online, but In the Emperor section I was the only one listed ?

Could you tell me what this is about ? :-

Are other players in different games, or does it also show players on WOl ?

The server is for TS, FS, EBFD, RA2, YR and RG. That number is the total number of players online. And most of them are indeed in RA2 or YR.

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No but it is needed to report ladder games on d2k. ;)

I already improved the cooling on my pc , by installing a new coolermaster fan and heatsink on my cpu and installing a case fan.

I Have only encountered these problems again since I downloaded and installed the xcl proxy app and MSN messenger 6.0 Plus.

I notice though that when I turn off Msgplus my cpu temp drops to normal again.31°C.

I seem to have two versions of msg running ? :(

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