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1) I think it would be neat to have an artillery unit or air unit that could fire/drop thumpers.    Something like an ADP, but faster perhaps.  Anyway, you could go over enemy Spice sands and drop a thumper, so that a worm would eat any harvesters or whatever.  Like the thumper troops from MP Dune2k.

2) Light troopers who wore fake armour or a hologram image of armour, so that they would look like heavier troopers.

3) "LasBombs" - VERY expensive orbitally-dropped bombs, which is basically a container carrying a lasgun on a timer, and a shield.  When the bomb is near the ground, it fires the lasgun at the shield.

4) Swordsmasters - Like the Sardaukar elite, except with a pistol for long range.  When close up, they're lethal to all infantry.  They could move fast as well.

5) I'd love to see those turtles from House Harkonnen.  using them could be a gamble, because they could stop fighting to take a dump at any time.  ;)

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atreides's 'new' harvester:

1.move faster

2.mounted with machine guns for infantry extermination

3.more armor

4.cost the same to built

ordos's 'new' air unit:

1.shoot anti air missiles but cannot fire at ground units.

2.heavy but cost 1500 to build.

3.invisible to enemy

harkonen 'own' infiltrator:

1.can only bury under a spice field.

2.attacks all enemy within its sighting range.

3.detonate itself to destroy its desire targets

4.cause massive and splashing damage when detonate.

5.cause 1200 to build.

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please make those units more detailed. I have an idea for a Fremen Naib.

Fremen Naib

Cost: $350

Armour: None

Speed: Fedaykin Speed

Weapon: Weirding Module

Description: Fremen cloaked and worm-proof. But Weirding Module is able to create 2 sound waves instead of one, with improved damage. Naibs are so powerful that they don't reveal themselves to fire. They can only be detected if a unit steps close to it which is tough.

How about that?

Cheer: Naib uses his Weirding Module to attack the air.

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Name: Sardaukar captin

Wepon: rapid fire plasma rifle able to take the bigest and badest tanks and biulings but does weak against infintry.

Cost: $400

Armor: High

Speed:Around trooper speed becuse it has to carry that heavy plasma rifle.

Desscription: The Sardaukar captin has a cloak generator around his belt( can stay cloaked for 10 seconds). He is taller than the other infintry withall grey clothing .

Cheer: Fires at the air.

Now thats what I call a Sardaukar.


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Name: Caid (Sardaukar subhouse.  Or possibly Atreides)

Wepon: Machinegun, knife

Armour:  Regular Sardaukar armour, maybe a bit less.

Speed: Regular Sardaukar speed, maybe a bit quicker.

Description: A Caid is a Sardaukar officer whose responsibility is civilian relations.  He/She can try and persuade civilians to become geurillas against your enemies, although they would still be computer controlled.  this works especially well when you're invading enemy land.

Cheer: The Caid says "RISE UP!" or something.

Name:  Judge of the Change (Atreides)

Weapon: none

Armour: Barely any

Speed:  Quite fast

Description:  Judges of the Change are like a subhouse, but can only be allied with the Atreides.  Having a JotC will prevent enemy Houses (mainly Harkonnen) from using "illegal" weapons (i.e. Death Hands, Devastators).


Name: Crushers

Weapon: Themselves

Armour: N/A

Speed: Re-entry speed

Description: Crushers are massive ships which break apart and zoom into orbit, crushing anything it lands on.  It would be used like a special weapon.  It would be similar to the Death Hand, but it wouldn't explode or have radiation.  It would, however, destroy ANYTHING it lands on (I suppose it would be about the size of a barracks).

Cheer: None

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heres the Bene Tlieaxu 4 horsemen

War: a unit that causes chaos lightening effects on all units in the blast radius

Pestilance: a leech that when deployed in a spice field, destroys it

Plague: a stealth unit that destroys itself, but in the process releases spores that contaminate and infest units.

Death: an infantry units with no range, but its touch instanly kills.

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