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  1. Seth

    Help Me Out

    Copy that Ill try it
  2. Seth

    Help Me Out

    I used Tibed in my Emperor and When I do some missions especially the Last one when loading the Game hangs up! Please help me Fix it or ask THEM to fix it
  3. Seth

    New Units

    Tibsun.com isnt working is there any other site and how do you add new units is it by copy pasting it on the Art and Rules file or something
  4. Seth

    New Units

    How about for other games
  5. Seth

    New Units

    Can any one tell me where I can download new units for emperor such as improved missile tanks and other stuffs also new units on other westwood games too I love to Edit!!!!
  6. Ok my old Tibed was corrupt any way to fix that? and I cant even download the Tibed Ver 1.53 it says on the site Error 503 or something can anyone help me it says on the tibed Ver.1.52 wjem open it system error help me fix that
  7. Seth

    Project Emperor

    Yes they still let us use that stupid thing and there we also use that on a slowwwwww computer any one who can assist me on this nightmare
  8. Seth

    Project Emperor

    Oh yeah also tell me some sites of message boards on tiberian sun and RA2 and other emperor message boards I need more information on games any way
  9. Seth

    Project Emperor

    No I mean a simple non graphical project the computer at school will not take it if it is like the RTS damn I need help
  10. Ok I have this stupid project for school and I had an Idea of choosing the Emperor BFD! can any one help me in making a game using turboPascal for emperor I can advertise the game in school you know!! especially college days
  11. Bigger Minotaurus a mech with four long plasma cannons like the devastator
  12. Corrino.... nah Atreides are better they have honor and discipline
  13. Seth

    About the units

    ;Thank the Heavens!!!! it worked!!!! ;D though the game kind of hangs for a while though
  14. Seth

    About the units

    Nah I did up grade the side of the harks too to even it out the Atreides only has the Minos HP to match the Devastator. Save it on the note pad ok thanks ill try that
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