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  1. i like Ligics idea ;D it fits the whole harkonen philosophy of being simple yet brutally efficeint ;D like a giant buzzsaw(lol)
  2. i personally love Ra2 and yuris revenge ;D but i like emperor as well and somtimes i think it it is a little better game. It has so much potential. Too bad westwood abadoned it. :'( I think yuris revenge is gonna get abadoned too cuz of renegade :'( ::) >:(
  3. i like atriedies ;D but i like harks and ordos too. I think the new mod is kinda kewl but doesnt really make much sense. I mean emperor is like 200 yrs before the movie dune right? so if they nuked the s##t out of caladan how could there still be a house atridies 200yrs later with there planet still intact? Buts its kinda kewl that corrino has more of a role to play. Has anyone seen the new dune movie(the remake) In that one corrino and the sarduarkar were really really bad, they looked kinda fruity too with there hats. I like the old traditional sarduarkar like in emperor better
  4. ::) da reson i dint reed cuz i cat uuderstand woot yu seey, ty huked on fonix ;D jus jokin, i dunno maybe youre right but i still think dune would win. Even if they had a level playing field. I would love to see the look of horror on some poor Ra2 generals face as i airdrop 20 devastaors into his base while he had been waiting for years for his kirovs to reach my base 8) but you do have a point. and ra2 does seem to have better super weapons. but it all perspective
  5. i dont think the dune people would attack the ra2 people. It would be like going back in time and killing youre great great great great great great great great great great great great great great etc... grandfather. It would be pointless. Then again they are alternate universes. I think dune is our universe but in distant future
  6. exactly ex-atriedies thats the problem. building the thing and powering the thing. I think it would prolly need a nuclear reactor to power it. And the cost of building it would be enormous with current technologies :O. So i dont think well be seeing many mechs in the near future. But in the more distant future they may be as common as the tank is today. Think of it like this(i learned this in history class) Leonardo Davinci invented a tank like 400 yrs ago (or whenever he lived). Of course it wasnt like a tank today because it was made of wood and got around by people walking inside of it but the basic philosophy of the tank was still there. The problem was none of the kings of his day wanted to buy it into their armies, why?, because they thought that it was inferior to calvary, too slow, would easily catch fire etc... which it prolly was. But try putting a guy on horseback against a tank today and see what happens ;D so you see what im gettin at? a mech used in combat in our day and age would suck but who knows what battles of the future may be like
  7. about the heartplug scene, you can download it from this site in the downloads section its really bloody :-X but its pretty kewl 8)
  8. yeah maybe in the future something like a mech would be easier to make. And it may have some kind of advantage like being way up high and being able to see the whole battle around you ;D, i dunno, thats kinda why i thought a mech might be good for urban combat cuz you can see everything at once, but infantry would prolly be better. or better yet like yall said just blast it from afar with artillery 8)
  9. hmm well lets see here. The armies of the 20th century vs the armies of the.... well lets see the year is 10190 or something like that so the armies of the .......102nd century... hmmm i wonder ::)
  10. mechs are kewl in emperor but in real life a mech would prolly be utter crap. :P I mean think about it. A big machine that takes forever to get around because it has to slowly plod around the battlefeild. I cant really see the strategic advantage of a mech(except maybe for urban combat). But this is a game so it doesnt have to be realistic(which is a good thing cuz if it was it would be pretty boring). I guess its kinda like the Kirov in Ra2. In real life it would be suicide to go to war in a giant zeppelin but its just plain kewl ;D. As far as eb4d goes though mechs have the upper hand for the most part
  11. it takes third level veterans i think. plus each time you send one in it only moves up one level. So youd have to send in like 3 third level veterans to make elite(third level) troops
  12. i think they have to be third level veterans
  13. thanx falco and nema fakei. ill be tryin that ;D 8)
  14. i agree with Ligic ;D it would be kewl if harks got a big steel ball that rolls over everything 8). It would be kewl if it could crush small vehichles too like dust scouts and sand bikes but on larger vehicles like devastaors and minos it would use cannons. It kind of fits the whole harkonen phylosophy of being very simple(like a a giant buzzsaw lol) yet brutally efficient
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