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[Poll] Which is your most hatred tank?


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Vote ONCE for the following tanks:






Repair Vehicle


Sonic Tank




Assault Tank

Flame Tank

Inkivine Capulet

Missle Tank




Dust Scout

Laser Tank






Guild Maker, also an infantry as the members requested.

Guild NIAB Tank








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There're too many reasons to hate a unit...

Reason1: they're too weak.

Reason2: they're too strong.

Reason3: they're too slow.

Reason4: they're too fast.

Reason5: they're too cheap.

Reason6: they're too expensive.

Bonus reason: they look cooler than my Warhammer figure.

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My most hated tank on my team would be the APC,(any House) because I don't use them.

My most hated tank on the enemy team would be the Inkvine Catapult,(Hark) they annoy me bigtime, especially when they fire at my Infantry Units

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The Guild Maker (even though it's not a real tank).

Otherwise, the Harkonnen Inkvine Catapult is rather useless.

The Harkonnen Missile Tank is a bit stupid as well.

The Harkonnen Devastator is a little overrated (even though it is pretty powerful).

I know, I know, 'ONE VOTE,' but I couldn't help myself.

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If you control your spice well the price of the guilds doesn't matters. Moreover. building just few of them would be enuff to cause quite a big damage.

I was just making a point that they can't be cheap & expensive at the same time..money wise that is.

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Atreides Sonic tank; if used in masses, they will fire through other friendly units. >:(

Harkonnen Flame Tank; Can ruin infantry assaults without a struggle and explode on being destroied.  But if used by me, it's a great way to break through enemy infnatry defenders(atr kindjal, ord mortar) :-

Hark Inkvine Catapult; dangerous to deploied mortars and kindjal. Other infantry can change position when it's firing to avoid high losses. Poison remaing on the ground is also annoying. >:(

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i dont play atr that well, but i saw some great mongo rushs....with some bikes and loads of inf. if u march early through hios spice, u will kill loads of econemy and for sure most of his units. maybe not in 1vs1 , but i can be verry effectfull in teamgames.


PS.: and for sure it can be beaten....like every rush imo...herhehe

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I hate the inkvine... just because It outreaches my units.

I love dust scouts & deviators to take out enemies - but I usually hate those tanks if this combination of dust scouts & deviators is used againts my units

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