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    Ix Mod.
  2. Oh, fine, like i said, the reason i havent been here for a while is a)the system wouldn't keep me logged in for some reason. -and- b)been playing age of mythology :P ...great game. by the way, ive finally DLed the KH mod, and exept for it crashing a few times(i just inatalled emp on this new puter and didnt have a patch yet.) it is really cool.
  3. Here are the games ive played Sim City 2000 tiberian sun diablo 2 emperor:bfd Age of Empires*** AgeoE2:age o' kings star wars rogue squadron Elite Force homeworld Star trek armada armada 2 demo :) Unreal Tourney Civilization 3 *******Age of Mythology******* (aom.heavengames.com)<---go there!!! have a nice day, that is all i can remember.
  4. Hello again everyone... a few of you might remember me, but it has been a long time. If you are wondering why i havent been here for a long time, the forum wouldnt keep me signed on for some reason. Anyway, carry on...dont mind me Have a nice day
  5. nothing to do with things on this page only on first page when that anti technology thing came along the tleilaxu accepted it completely while the ix and those richese tech people got away with disobaying plus the tl like to steal cells from tombs :O
  6. i was too lazy to read the rest of this but... i love my gov too especially bush i soo smart i wish i could be as smart as him (durg) seriously...what the heck is a dirty bomb? also i live almost in miami( a couple miles away) when i went with my sis to her college in tallahassee the capital we stopped at a restraunt and this old guy was talking about "well it isnt even america down there" and such but it isnt true i barely see any spanish people at my school and some of those arnt cuban but i can see how you could assume that
  7. ill be done as soon as i get a tl turret icon from mr frodo here ;D
  8. thanks both to vidiware i always save it and it says: please, we need to screw around with the colors before we can save in this format and it becomes 16.7million colors...somehow also thanks jacob now my mod is almost complete and school is almost over last week! yay!
  9. yes you would have to make an exact duplicate of the thing you want (ie atorni_B) and add to that deploy = true and resource = fremenadvfremen
  10. also: 1) i think that stormdmg is 5 for buildings, 10 for units and 70+ for infantry
  11. thanks frodo but i think ill just make one myself another question: you put artini and rules in "model" you put textstrings in "strings" you put icons in "_____" PLEASE FILL IN THE BLANK thanks i hit caps lock by accident but i didnt feel like retyping it ;D
  12. 1) does anybody have an icon for the tleilaxu living turret (just the color one as paint shop pro makes the pics black and white) 2)i have all of the icons i need, i just dont know how to make them work in the game ex (in artini) icon = file//bl_ah! icongrey = file//grey_bl_ah! so for my units i do: icon = ___//ix_apparition icongrey = ___/greyix_apparition can someone fill in the blanks and tell me what folder to put the pics in 3)how do you edit the textures for a unit are they the %/jshATORNITHOPTER files in model0001? if not, can you tell me how note: #1 and #2 are most important #3 is just for future reference
  13. i think there should be a big "garrison" or "siech" building which doesnt do anything exept for protect infantry from sandstorms if you could make its capacity bigger if you dont use it maybe i will i will look into this i shall return...maybe
  14. maybe im wrong but i dont think it can be infantry = true and aispecial i think it has to be aifoot or whatever it is for infantry but you got it fixed so i guess im wrong what does aispecial do?
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