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  1. Thanks for the tip but for this setup we'll be playing offline LAN on old XP/Vista hardware where the games are already installed. The easiest thing would be to just replace the DUNE2000.dat file with the patched one. EDIT: That said, if we can't get hold of the patched file we're looking for we will look into other options and this might be the one.
  2. Hello, This is my first post and I'm planning on having some friends over for some old school LAN next week (first time in 15 years 🙂). I'm not looking for a patch to get the game running over LAN with TCP/IP. The only place I found a simple patch was on this forum posted 14 years ago, link below, but the links to file are long gone. My question is if someone has saved this file/files and could share them with me? Thanks in advance, Calle
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