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  1. I agree. That being said, whatever rules (rush or not) , it will still be true that the longer a game goes, the less Ordos are likely to win
  2. This "Short Game" option is really a wonderful improvement !! It's not only about having to find harvesters but also the fact that some players just troll at the end with their remaining infantry. it's even worse with Ordos players who kept some stealth raiders. Sometimes, eliminated players themselves dont even know where are their remaining units. "Short game" option also raises the importance of your last base - I really like that !
  3. "Deviators can achieve little, their attack had an impact maybe 25% of time :-/" Well experience certainly made me change my mind! Actually, deviators are Ordos' best option if the game can't be won quickly. In the past I never built many of them, thinking they were to be used as some diversion/support for a tank force. So yeah, if you have only a few devs, they can all miss their shot and make you regret having invested in them. However, a group of like 20 deviators can be hard to tackle, especially if they are supported by 5-10 siege tanks. 20 deviators will never ALL miss ! Ordos are
  4. Thank you for the explanations :) Also hats off for having made airstrike working again !
  5. What do you mean by "keep the online games more balanced"? Do high res give advantage?
  6. I would certainly not oppose this. In my opinion the unaccuracy of death hand is a flaw in this game. It's weird that you can invest some money, power, and (perhaps more importantly) time to build a palace (which is supposed to be your ultimate weapon) , but all this can have zero effect on the game if you are unlucky. It can even help your opponent if you get frustrated by these repetitive Death hand failures. So currently, I think this accuracy issue makes the Death Hand the weakest of the 3 Palace weapons (behind Fremen and Saboteurs in this order). Having become myself an Harkonnen user
  7. Adriano : headphones would just make me look more isolated from the "real world" so... bad idea :) Thanks for helping me find solutions though ! Athanasios : unfortunately we talk here about a daughter 4 months old , not a son 5 years old... she's still a little young to play this. Congrats for getting through this, I hope to duplicate you at some time :)
  8. Hi there, It was already complicated to play Dune because of this unpredictable daughter of mine :) But matters are worse now: my wife is literally angry at this game :P I can't really explain why. At this point, I understand it as a mix between "hearing this game makes me crazy" (because of the sounds, repetitive explosions, repetitive calls such as Unit ready ! Unit lost ! Yes Sir ! Unit ready ! At your command ! Yes Sir ! Unit ready! (...) ) and some jealousy as "I would very like to have such an addictive and passionate hobby myself" . So, until she calms down somewhat, I'm gonna
  9. :P I disagree with your statement regarding top players that do the exact same thing. They don't. Actually I have seen lots of games decided by a strong sneak attack catching off-guard a player that was too much focussed on building an army at just one spot. Efficient sneak attacks don't need a lot of tanks, just 5 quads can hurt a lot if well microed and if surprise is achieved. In that regard, it doesn't really matter how wide entrances are. I think your opportunities are better to attack (and/or to sneak) if your opponent is at bottom right.
  10. Hello Arakis, Am I the only one to have noticed some imbalance on the famous map Habbanya Erg ? Every starting spot has 2 entrances except the bottom-right one which has 3 (left, top and right) . (top-middle starting spot has only 1 entrace but it is a large one) In a classic tag-team match top vs bottom, it's not an issue if the player at bottom-right has an ally starting at the middle-right position because that will make the right entrance almost impossible to reach for the other team (those starting at "top"). However in a 1vs1, if you begin at bottom-right, it's very probable your opp
  11. IMO prices are ok like that for combat tanks, should be the same for each race. Your proposition suggests that speed has absolutely no importance, so that price should only adjust to pure power. I think this is up to each player. Some build one super army/super wall that will slowly push and crush opposition, others like to rely on speed to make efficient sneak attacks. If Hark tank costs more than others, I think no one will try to play Harkonnen anymore. Yes they have more armor but this is already balanced by the fact that they are slower and this is important in multiplayer. (not so in sin
  12. In my opinion noobs are able to learn the rules and become regulars if given appropriate chance. Look at Cherif, Juan, Pnumb, etc. There seems to an interesting number of new players. That doesn't mean they become very good but the important thing is they can play and have fun.
  13. Hi guys, Yesterday I was very surprised to learn that in a standard 8-min no-rush game, an Ordos player is allowed to place his stealth raider right inside an ennemy's refinnery so that harvesters can no longer deliver spice. With all due respects, I would appreciate an explanation about that. I'll try to convince you why it should not be allowed. First of all, why do the 8-min rule exists? Please tell me if I'm wrong, but I came to understand it's fun when each player has the opportunity to develop a strong economy at the beginning of a game. During the 8-min period, we can't attack bas
  14. With respect to Ordos, they clearly are the worst race. I will play with them sometimes for fun and to make some tests. True, they can achieve map control if you exploit well their speed. But they are so week and it's frustrating to rely only on starport to get missile tanks. In a game against Juan, I took Ordos and he had Atréïdes. I achived total map control. He just camped and set up strong defensive lines near the 2 entrances to his (only) base. I destroyed every harvester but the game still last something like 1hour ! You can imagine the kills, he had almost twice than me since only me at
  15. Hi there, Players that were on CNCnet during Christmas vacation (Feda, Fildakor, Verbusage, Kipper, Dato, Wyq, Le, Ayman, Blazin, etc.) will recognize me. I like Dune2K since a long time but I just began play multiplayer. Pretty addictive... I will not be able to play as much now that the vacation is over but I hope to be able to practice with you sometimes on week-ends. So first of all, thank you for making this game available. I don't know who best deserves these compliments but I suppose the list includes FunkyFrash, GruntLord and Feda. You made my Christmas vacation one notch more en
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