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  1. Hey, I just finished the campaign and besides mission 5 it was great. On normal it was impossible to do because of the massive mercenary income and on easy it was pretty banal. You could cut on some of the reinforcements from the mercenaries and the production of the bottom Harkonnen base, which gathers a ton of units and then attacks when you are weakened. Anyway, good job on making the campaign.
  2. I know, but if I gave himanother _spawn he couldnt play online with other players. This way he can simply open the regular dune.exe to play vs AI. Also he would get his file replaced.
  3. Try my AI. :D http://www.mediafire.com/download/v74eyhqe6pn5t1e/_PRAC.MIS
  4. If I was to enable AI for more sides, 2 or 3, and I added 7 AIs in the lobby would the Computer players still only use the Atreides AI or would it pick the AI it uses randomly?
  5. Is there any way I can use the editor to open only mis files so I can edit the AI? Also, could anyone tell me where I can find the basic AI CnCnet uses for the non-co-op maps?
  6. Got a few questions about Hark mission 3. How did you just put concrete down on the map without actual buildings? How did set up the ai to attack with every soldier alone attack, also being built up from the sietch which before didn't work? You forgot to set up mission win and mission fail events.
  7. In Atreides mission 4 you can gain unlimited time just by destroying the deviators. Was that intentional? Maybe you would like to make them neutral or something. :D
  8. Not sure if I should report bugs here, but if I self-host a game at the end I am still in the lobby and the results graph doesn't show up.
  9. in todays games i started having that old bug where you could not place a building again. i think it is because of the fix for the double replacement because of the lag.
  10. Got a question. Does Dune2k work at all on windows 10?
  11. You don't mind them keeping all the units in front of the starport?
  12. So you're using the old editor to setup starport deliveries?
  13. I'm not sure if it is a bug or whatever, but sometimes in the mission events editor I don't get a deploy action option for the starport delivery.
  14. I am pretty sure the BuildingExist condition is checked which is translated if building does not exist. If a condition is checked it results its oposite. Uncheck the BuildingExist condition and see for yourself the mission will fail instantly.
  15. The launcher and the cncnet won't work regardless of what I change. I tried cncnet before we made most changes as well and it didn't work then either. When I try to open cncnet: When I click any button, but the one for update on the launcher:
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