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  1. Meh most of mine have been named: Naruto Bebop FMA FLCL Inuyasha (when i was 10-12 havent seen much since then) Shamploo and Outlaw Star was great
  2. I know i wasnt very active on the forums before (my comp has been down for 13 months, i had to buy a new one considering my old ones motherboard got fried). Anyway just stating why i havent been very active and i hope to be MUCH more active now.
  3. Pff, my future self must be a lazy ass because he hasnt told me a damn thing :(
  4. Heh space isnt the problem. Try downloading anything with dialup (56k). Even a page of 30 smilies takes 5 minutes :-. On a sidenote, if u watched the japanese versions they are blood-heavy while the US versions have almost all the blood removed. Guess blood is a bad thing now 8)
  5. Ya ive seen naruto and it is on my opinion one of the best animes ive seen. It doesnt come on adult swim for me though it comes on toonami. Ive only been able to dl 3 episodes from a 'fan site' maybe the episode archives here will help me. Not to sure what youtube is ??? but ill check i tout. Thanks
  6. Im sorry because im sure this is clutter, but is it to late to start (make a character) ive played LOD (it was loong ago)and this caught my eye, so jsut tell me if i can.
  7. "Killing terrorists only breed more, and they can keep on killing them until there is not one human left on this planet..." Only if it comes to that. and about the shooting civilians thing, im not for it... but knowing that anyone who walks up to me could detonate and take me and anyone next to me with them isnt a good thought. I figure seeing friends, family, and squad mates die kinda makes humanity seem kinda worthless and you prolly wouldnt give a **** about much after that. Trust me, if we "silly Americans" cared about the RCMP then maybe CNN would change it (but of course....we dont)
  8. Lol thats funny.....dune copying starwars....lol ;D
  9. Amazing how the body can, in a way "stab you in the back" in terms of what you may be thinking at first (cant wait for all the questions gonna be asked about this one :-)
  10. Yea i figured i was wrong on a good number of levels. And storyline is important to me because it makes it seem more real, but thats just my opinion.Odd game though 8)
  11. *pulls out pocket translater* lets see it says: A plan to creat cloned super soldiers has gone bad when the guy they mentally connected them to went insane. Now the guy (forget his name) kills people for some reason (if i remember he kills them and eats them to keep up his ability to control the soldiers or somthing). The people he kills ghost remaines and will jump out at you at the worst posible time ;D. You also catch a ghost or two wondering around that actually laugh at you while you shoot (and waste bullets) at them. Ironicly enough your the new recruit to F.E.A.R (First Encounter Assault and Recon) yet they send you off alone constantly. Also you seem incapable of moving what looks to be a 5-10lbs wooden rack out of a doorway to get reinforcements to you :P you should get it or atleast try the demo. dunno bout multiplayer though
  12. May i cut in? No? well i will anyway. I figured this was pretty simple but im betting ull make it painfully obvious to me its not. I figured the system of honor would hold good. My type of honor anyway stands at 1: Do not lie or decieve. 2: Any action taked against you, good or bad, should be repaid in full. 3:Friends/Family should be protected.ill add more later but my class is over and i got to go :P
  13. Lol comeon, ADP's are useful....for that 1 hark mission....ya you know the civil war one ;D. Thier the only thing (save for a couple of Sardaukar and troopers) keeping me from being overrun. Whats thats you say? Missle tank? Crap 1500 down the drain.
  14. Lol. Anyway nice mods, been wanting to play corrino but every game seemed to be denying me the small pleasure of commanding the Sards house. 8)
  15. Ya im with ya thier, ive read some of the books but not all and not in order. I plan to order them soon. As far as the games go ive played them all ;D. I got the books on order so i hope i can help out soon 8)
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