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  1. I'm almost positive that one day.. one day, The well known stefan of the dune community will achieve his vision. I've never rushed any of my projects, had finished less than half of them lol.. specially in the JKO world, I'm planning on a total conversion for Quake-Wars. I believe that game will be explosive so.. might as well share in the spot light.
  2. I'll make a beautiful list for you. - Talent, Its all you need, It covers every category from Concept, to marketing. (I do believe time is a big factor too, less talent more time) You have so many major competitor's, that you would have a hard time starting a company from scratch these days.
  3. A article relating to the attack, there are other ones, if you google the name the media decided to give it. About how parents react, you are not allowed to call home, untill all victims families are notified about their relatives death. I wasn;t allowed to call home for a week. My mother watched the news every hour, watched the caskits come off the plane state side. She was so obsessed with finding something about me, see noticed... my finger in a picture of me unloading food off a truck. My finger!, which is malformed do to a .. accident with an apple grinder. lol... only a thing a mother would notice. I love my mother to death, I hated not being able to call her and tell her i was alright.
  4. During my tour in Iraq, We received the most devastating singular attack on US forces. An insurgent managed to find his way into our fob (forward operating base), among the local military(The Iraqi's). His body armor, ammo pouches, and pockets where stuffed with plastic explosives and large ball barrings. He entered our chow hall, detonated his himself. There was no remains found of him. We ran out of stretchers and had to use the tables to carry out the wounded. It was a very disturbing and moving event. The result was 22 mortally wounded, and 80 injured. It was a nightmare. I dream about it to this day. I don't like telling this story, but it relates. It was a huge security infraction, I had to guard the remains of the tent until investigations where finished. No one cleaned anything out of it, there was blood everywhere for weeks, I found those ball barrings all at least a mile away. These are the things in life that make you desensitized.
  5. This is because you havent drank the water of life Caid!
  6. Of course that would unfortunately force my legions of sardaukar to come planet side, from high in orbit.
  7. I've been watching this thread progress, I have some advise. This all sounds like an americanized Europe, All this talk about Union and all that First, I'd like to point out that it will begin much like this, The union benifits you all, it's here to protect you, serve you and make life better. Then, once state suceed's from the union then the federal goverment will say no no, thats not right!, Its in your constitution. Then there will be a great European Civil War, Ending lives in droves of Hundreds, and thousands. Then after the conclusion, you will have no real independant rights, for you are the Union which cannot be broken. Or atleast thats what happened last time a union was formed.
  8. Caid Ivik, Did you just find the philosopher's stone?, I think you've said one of the more Intellectual things to come out in this thread. The last part of you're Idea seemed to strike hard The idea of a Jihad isn't Vile, but mostly it turns out to be tragic. Communism, such a beautiful Idea. . . At least on paper. The crusade Wow what a great Idea to liberate the Holy land of Jerusalem But.... lets sac everything from Antioch to Jerusalem and everything in between. Idea's are Vile, when you don't stick to the plan of origin, mostly a human factor. When greed, jealousy and other un-admirable traits come to the surface. Most of the time Its not even the Original persons fault that plans fail, and atrocities come from it. Oh the crusader armies had every intention of destroying the eastern powers, wasn't really a good example.
  9. First I looked for a good picture of a Paul, then Shaddam, then a fremen then a sardaukar... then i was like screw it i got a good picture of kane. lol Some older photoshop work btw these photo's are mine don't steal them fools oh you can steal the guy in red, who am i kidding?
  10. Yet a celebration is usually not planed for an odd year. Unless it is a multiple of 5.
  11. A spoon full of sugar, helps the medicine go down. I mean should i trust a street pharmacist more than a licensed one? lol "Eh... Its infected with aids.... " Said the drug quality Annalist. "Oh, that's a shame now we cannot make a killing off of it in America" Spoken by the CEO. The Drug annalist replied. "That's it then, I'll have the batch destroyed" "Dear god are you mad? You must ship this to small countries! and do it now!" Said the CEO.
  12. Does any of your other hardware conflict with Your "Creative Sound Blaster Live!"?
  13. To be honest with you, I haven't touched the title, someone else edited it for me... more than once. lol. Oh and if you can point out someone named here, who's society demanded that they do immoral acts, please feel free. For some reason I feel that your going to state someone who did something because of religious views. . . Oh well, Templar's, Jihads, and Inquisition can sure make this list.
  14. For some reason I'm not sure, I was compelled to rip Kane's head off and stick mine there.
  15. I must say, my attempts at hosting a domain never really lasted over a year or so... But if you glued them all together.. we would have something interesting. 10 years is a long time 9 years is also a long time when it comes to hosting a web page.
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