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  1. Hey im new to this forum, i have read over quite a few of the comments about the prequels and the butlerian jihad books, and have enjoyed what you all have commented on. here are my two cents worth: the three prequels (Corrino, Harkonnen, and Atreides) were on the whole not too bad as long as you take them at face value, it seemed to me that the whole exploration of human thought and ideas, was disregarded in favour of action and plot, i always enjoyed FH's "in the characters thoughts" style. Rather than having the characters lieterally there to do nothing more than service the plotline, they were instrumental in how the plot came about because of who they were and what actions THEY would take. rather than just following along the plotline as "the army leader" or "the holy icon", very shallow writing. Now the butlerian jihdas, i least liked the House prequels were generally okay as "lite" reading, but the Butlerian Jihad was just pure almost fantasy rather than science fiction, and my biggest gripe is the rejection of the "human" accomplishments of the BG and the SG and so on in favour of Sorceresses?? and Norma Cenva's almost superhero like powers, too far beyond the pale for me. I had always liked how FH had the human need to survive linked into purely human Mental and physical growth (ie with a lil help from melange) to create some amazing abilities, we had to imporve ourselves to survive without computers and machines doing all the work and such like. That seemed much more innovative than super human transformations and amazing fantastical mental owers, which by the way is a direct contradiction of Frank Herberts canon, as numerous times throughout the dune series Bene Gesserit abilities were nothing more than amazing conditioning and leraning, and specifically stated as NOT being telepathy and so on, so to the bring in telekinesis as an ability in the butlerian jihad seemed like an easy get out clause to ctreate a begining for the BG sloppy imagining. thats my lot, sorry if it sounded a bit like a rnt but i need to say it.
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