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  1. Port notes for map builders: The port data is patterned after the conversion data for other buildings, though it lives in the map rather than in the exe like the other building data. Though the built-in editor won't let you enter it, ports do support inputs to boost production of raw producers, like grain boosts cattle production. Though the data structure supports 2 inputs per output, the ports do not. Conversions like the Steel Mill, 1 iron + 1 coal -> 2 steel, do not work. Though the data structure supports Start and End dates for each entry, the dates are not honored
  2. I have added a version of my unofficial 1.57 patch for the GoG.com release in the thread for the patch. https://forum.dune2k.com/topic/27789-unofficial-patch-157ddh/
  3. I did this in a non-interference manner. The modifications are in a new exe file which must be put into your installation directory so it finds all the necessary data files. This will allow people to run the regular version for standard games, and run this version for the USHistory map or others if someone else chooses to target the civil war period. I also made the new exe point to a different language file. Since the exe file extends the use of some station buildings, the language file properly reports which cargos are affected in game. Beyond the exe and lng files the zip file contains a co
  4. Posted to your thread. https://forum.dune2k.com/topic/23879-historical-rt2-mod/ ps. Unless I missed an update, you never made a sheet for your modified building introduction dates, though I worked them out.
  5. EDIT: Did you know your ports were broken? The built-in map editor always sets the port demand level to 0 when it writes the port data. This results in demand dropping to zero after a single delivery if playing the expert industry model. Many maps exhibit this error, since the only way to fix it, is to directly manipulate the binary data of the map file. As noted in my other thread for 1.57, I tend to like things to be 'right' even if it doesn't really affect the gameplay too much. I also needed a little programming project so I created a little command line tool to display / fix / edit t
  6. If someone wants to PM me the GoG exe file or a link on dropbox, google drive, etc., then I'll see if I can make the changes to fix the non-port demands. That person or someone else would wind up doing the testing to verify the changes since I have the CD version, which I run as a virtual drive from an ISO I made. Regarding the ports, I have already made a tool which one could use, or just download the corrected scenario maps. The tool is being posted in a separate thread presently.
  7. I added the zip file to the first post. The zip contains just a replacement exe to put in your RT2 Platinum directory and the readme file whose text is quoted in the first post. Regarding jeffryfisher's suggestion on changing the military introduction dates, that was one of the things I specifically didn't want in my build for general play, but I can make one, to tentatively call 1.57civ.
  8. Has anyone determined what version number the GoG release reports? Or if they fixed the demand errors in the exe or for ports in the scenarios? If not has anyone opened it in the hex editor to see how different it is?
  9. I have been playing RT2 on and off for a long time, but only just recently found this site. I hadn't necessarily noticed the errors that remain in the latest official patch, but as an engineer I like things to be correct when possible. Using data from the 'Modding RT2' and 'Historical RT2 Mod' threads, I started a few small projects. And a huge thanks to everyone who contributed on those threads, particularly JeffryFisher and jcco. JeffryFisher created his historically patched exe which corrected the data errors, but also made changes specific for his US History scenario, or for historical acc
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