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  1. I use thunderbird. I never new the July 23 release was called Supernova either until mentioned above so everyone does NOT know. I much prefer version numbers to names. The version of railroad tycoon 2 I now use is from GoodoldGames - gog.com which doesnt need a CD at all as all their game are DRM free (and legal) I've not had rhe double launch problem with it. I would suspect a DRM timing issue if using a version of the executable that requires a CD as some other games that required a CD to be in the drive stopped working as the DRM they used was found to be a security risk so microsoft disabled the services they needed to run
  2. Is the speed factor related to rot factor? Seems like the algorithms in the code for cargo values are more complex than realised. After 25 years there are still things to discover in this game. I very rarely fire this game up but I still think this is one of the best railroad games of all time
  3. Welcome. Some scenarios are easier than others. Whistle Stops and Promises mostly depends on having no breakdowns if run as intended. You can cheat by starting it, pausing immediately and then changing the consist to just the loco, but it can be done without this.
  4. Or press tab and enter the cheat BigfootGold You can "win" it even more quickly. I think this says cheater on the win screen though. I would consider the ctrl-b trick as a dubious ploy.
  5. Try enabling engines via an event - this MAY stop them being retired at their normal retirement date, however this won't affect car weight changes or any other events like passenger generation falling at fixed dates in the game engine. The editor text files supplied with the game show how to enable engines. I don't think theres an event to set the game year though.
  6. Perhaps use messages to PM gobalopper or use the contact us form on the terminal main page to see if the original can be found, but I think any registered user can attach files to a post, Best to zip the file first though.
  7. Its best to get a majority of shares in an AI company before trying to merge. You can merge with less than a majority sometimes if you offer a very high price. The companies chairman will always vote against a merger in my experience so if the chairman of the AIU company has over 50% of shares in his company you won't be able to merge and may have to make him bankrupt (see the Robber Baron for tips on that) e.g steal all his traffic.
  8. Have you tried disabling the startup video? (you have to get the game to start before you can do this though and be in a scenario before you can use the games control panel options). Maybe temporarily use an old monitor to disable the startup video. The issue may be related to screen resolutions on your computer. You may be able to turn off sound via HDMI on your computer and use separate speakers but definitely try disabling the opening video first. You could also try disabling direct3d in your grapics card driver. WineD3D has been suggested as a fix for drivers. When buying old games I purchase from Gog.com as they are usually better at getting them to work than steam is.
  9. You Tube predates RT3 let alone RT2. RT2 1998, RT3 2003, YouTube 2005. The world wide web only really took off in 1995. Even then most home access was via dial up modem and continued that way for several years so video for most people just wasnt possible. The Blue Baron's guide and the Robber Baron's guides were my favourites, with the RipTrack for mapmaking. Almost all sites are only available via the web archive and aren't complete. Start with the strategy guide that comes with the platinum version of the game.
  10. Interesting idea. Ocean bridges were only added later (in the second century expansion) so the classic campaign wasn't designed to used them and this couldn't be done. I've always started Quebec Montreal Halifax.
  11. You can cheat by pausing the scenario as soon as it loads and then change the consist to just the loco before it gets to the first station, Even that can fail if you get a breakdown, so you can use the nowreck cheat. Doing it properly without cheating then the Camelback is the one to use as the platinum strategy guide says and the best route is also in the guide. The random breakdowns are the killer.
  12. Yes! Any part or all of the name as Maglev indicated. Heres how if you havent worked it out yet. Double click the station to open its screen (where you would buy upgrades) if its not already open as it would be when you create the station. Click on the stations name. A flashing vertical bar cursor will appear Type in the name box to change the name and hit enter or return Station has been renamed. You could also try and edit edit the default2.lng file and edit the tSTATION_NAME_VARIANT_0 section if you don't like the default suffices. But do read the files instructions (in the file) first.
  13. Welcome. Sadly theres very little available on modding and map creation. As I've never made a map I'm not much help. There never was much multiplayer activity, and there's very little activity here nowadays. If you create a map someone else may play it. jeffryfisher has some modding experience so searching his posts could be of use. There were several sites on modding but they went years ago alas. I can only suggest examining other peoples maps for tips. Somewhere on here there is a post listing links to useful resources (try https://forum.dune2k.com/topic/23142-rrt2-strategy-guide-links/?tab=comments#comment-366383 ?) but many of the resources are dead (thread is almost 10 years old). Archive.org could be your friend. Good luck! There may be some info over at http://hawkdawg.com but no active RTII community. The last RTII post there was June 2019! Here it's about a post a month!
  14. To access the control panel you need to be playing the game - the control panel icon is the one that looks like sliders 2nd from bottom on left (above the floppy disk icon). In the general settings you can set music volume - check it isnt set to 0. You may need the CD in the drive or you could manually copy the MP3 files from the CD to a folder of the same name on the PC. You could buy the game from GOG.com (platinum version) for easy installation on a newer PC. Its often on offer cheaply - normal price is around whatever your local currency equivalent of $5 is . It works on windows 10 too whereas installing from a CD can be a pain on 10.
  15. RT3 doesn't seem to like graphics cards with a lot of memory being a game from 2003 - the best resource to search for solutions is probably Hawk's site http://hawkdawg.com/forums/index.php? There are lots of ideas for things you could try there but one is to turn down the graphics details in the settings. I also think there are issues with Nvidia cards which require T&L to be turned off so it will run in the first place. This puts more load on the CPU. There are some workarounds on Hawks site, but I've not tried them.
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