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  1. I'm having some Dune EX problem regarding crashes, and file extension problems. Whenever I try and open Dune EX, the program crashes and doesn't ever display/prompt. These are of course regarding to the file extension: .RFH. I have tried re-installing many times, restarting my computer & then re-installing, deleting all files/traces of the program after un-installation, etc. I have read the readme.txt file left by the creator, but there was no useful information found in the document. I need help! I can't access the .RFH files!
  2. Hi! I've been searching for a No-Cd Patch/Crack for months for V1.09 of course.Please give me instructions on which no cd patch/crack to install and HOW TO INSTALL IT. I've downloaded other no cd patches for it and it works until I go to skirmish then a dialog box pops up: "Please insert an Emperor Disk". Any information would be much appreciated. Thank You.
  3. Here is how you do it: 1.) First download the artini.txt file here: http://forum.dune2k.com/files/file/538-artinitxt/ 2.) Now, inside your "DATA" file... create a folder named: "MODEL" then put the artini.txt file inside. 3.) Open up the artini.txt file and you will see a bunch of shit. scroll to the right and look at the very top line. - You should see something like: Side (0); Recolor (0,133, 226); Side (1); Recolor (175,36,22); Side (2); Recolor (146,253,202); Side (3); Recolor (255,121,25); Side (4); Recolor (64,255,0); Side (5); Recolor (127,72,189); Side (6); Recolor (255,240,106); Side (7); Recolor (255,163,224); By default, you are "Side (0); Recolor (0,133, 226);" Which of course is the color blue. The COMPUTER by default is "Side (1); Recolor (175,36,22);" Which is the color RED. Simply switch the two Recolors like this: Side (0); Recolor (175,36,22); Side (1); Recolor (0,133, 226); NOW... Save the file and YOU WILL be red IF you choose blue. I've discovered that you can modify which color the computer should be by default. I personally made the computer: Side (1); Recolor (255,163,224); DUE NOTE: ((The Color Pink is side Side (7); Recolor (255,163,224);)) Now, all I have to do, is select pink as MY color. When the game starts, I will be RED, and the computer will be PINK.
  4. Hi, I may not have a solution to your problem... but can you please give me step-by-step instructions to make my computer play without cd's?! I have been looking all over to figure out how to play with cd's. Any information is appreciated. Thank you.
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