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yes it talks about IX being a group of technocratic rulers. run by economy. I dont believe in a house vernius. Just because I dont see how it lines up with the books. I am aware that they are taken  by the tleilaxu but I just dont think so. still I love the prequels!:)

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TMA, Vernius fell by Dominic ( Died in eplosion on Dune) when Tleilaxu with the support of the Sardines infested Ix and crushed the army of Vernius... The suboids were fooled by the Face Dancers and stood aside with the Tleilaxu... The armies of Vernius couldn't stand against the legions of Sardines and with no support of da Emperor, Dominic went renegade. His children Kailea and Rhombur escaped to the Atreides... Kailea threw herself out of the balcony after betraying Leto... For 20 years Ix remained by the Tleilaxu until it was liberated...

Rhombur was a cyborg and couldn't restore his House or bloodline AND he didn't want to feel the wrath of Shadam again for destroying his amal project... ::)

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Alexander that doesnt mix with the cold nature of IX. It never was controlled by a house in my opinion. IX came from the scientific community from pre jihad times and built themselves back up selling "legal" technologies but in secret making illegal ones. paying off the empire not to tell anybody. they are a technocratic government based on capital, money, cash solaris. Not a great house in my opinion

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