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  1. Hey people! I'm back! Sorry I've been gone for so long but life has been hard for awhile.
  2. a politician is but the messanger for the government that government is what is important!
  3. my strategy works but it costs alot of both time and money. i destroyed one of the houses and captured the guild cannon and the barracks group that are in the middle of the map. i then built alot of ordos mortar infantry and atreides kindjal and snipers. i then had the mortar and kindjal attack the emperor worm while the sniprs defend them. i also sent over sardaukar and fremen warriors to help. if yo have mortar infantry, devasators, elite sardaukar, fedakin and ADP's attacking all at once then the worm doesnt stand a chance
  4. burseg_candor

    Dune 1 hex cheat

    it was good cause it actually followed the dune plotline
  5. westwood has lost its touch in gaming. the moment they tried to set up a game in 3d with no plotline is the moment they signed their own death sentence
  6. let me get this straight. someone stole his fed2k login, abused it and now hes catching the flak? that aint justice. no offense to the fed2k staff but that isnt fair.
  7. Caladan is too wet giedei prime is too polluted kaitan is too artificial arrakis is too hot salusa is too dangerous every planet has cons people! live with them
  8. Entry Seven-8/13/10,192 Today I met my "savior." It was a man who called himself Mahdy or something like that. I asked him how I could repay him for saving me. He seemed to look beyond me and then said "You will never repay me." Then, between one blink and the next, he was gone. Where he was standing there was a faint smell of melange but I think it may have been a figment of my imagination. Melange? On Salusa? That's almost as believeable as the Emperor allying with the Baron Harkonnen. It will never happen.
  9. I believe that humans live in a sphere of knowledge and all that is outside the sphere is our religion. We constantly seek to go out of the sphere but the sphere is always growing so we can never leave. I think that is the basis of religion.
  10. i pick salusa why? nature's raw fury unleashed ;D
  11. ive been looking for ixian artwork all over the net so can someone tell me where i can find some?
  12. hallluah for emperor! now there are differences for each house
  13. when you have sardaukar you dont need other infantry they are your best bet for infantry
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