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'k Hitn runs work, but if a Mino gets one good shot off, Sheilds go and las tank slows down

That's not true, a lasertank only slows down when it's health is damaged, a minotaur can't destroy a lasertank without a shield anyway, even when it's slowed down by the minotaur's shots (which i doubt if you use the lasertank correctly)

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Lol, yes, most newbies do play as Atreides, yes Atreides can be pretty strong when it's well used, yes an Atreides player can win from a harkonen player or an ordos player.

Most people don't use sonic tanks because they get killed pretty easily, not to mention that if you place it incorrectly it can destroy a few of your own units too :O

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You can easilly kill a fedaykin with a laser tank even when

playing against a human. I didn't know that they are so! manuverable.

I found it out a about a week ago when I killed three of them with four

laser tanks.

Though i agree that Fed. is a good unit.

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well, my overall vote goes to Mino, for the simple reason that it is good vs. most enemies. it only has real problems with heavy armor and air. And due to it's great range it can take out many threads from large distances.

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