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Dune Vs Starwars. The War to end all wars.


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After meeting with the seteren diplomats about the incident earler. It was found that the seteren ships that atacked were part of a rough faction of the seteren goverment called "Green Peace" the seterens offered there suport against the vong.

iI was 2 hours later now and all ships were ready to disable a vong ship. Sharpie had just sat down after getting a cup of slig juice when he recived a distress call from a KYA mercent ship in the next secter over. The picture was verry staticy but it showed a kya merchent with a large bleeding  cut on his forhead. the picture was static but still capibul of being veiwed.

"They came out of no *static*. We are just a merchent ship. we tried to *static* but they were to powerful. they overwhelled the ship they control *static*% of the ship. They arnt human. We cant hold on munch *static*." send help.

Sharpie replyed.

"This is major sharpie of the KYA research station aggememnon. We are sending Fedikey to assist you. Hold on i repeat hold on.

Sharpie then dispatched a kya crusier along with its escourt ships to the location provided.

The ships arived with the freman and jedi. The vong ship that atacked was what apeared to be a light cruiser. as soon as the relif ships arived the vong ships started fireing even though there was no chance of surviving. The vong ship was soon destoryed by the carrier group. the carrier laucnhed its pps(personel pods) to atach on to the part still held by the losing crew. the ships latached on to the ship and with the las gun cutters opened up holes in the wall large enough for the fedikay. the crew were almost all bleeding and wounded sitting behind a flimsy foot wall built .There was a heavy pounding at the door. the remians of the crew got in postion of one last stand. The fedikay got right beside them. The pounding on the door got harder and harder untill the doors were bending inward then the fell in. The vong wariers rushen in. The crew opend fire. the vong fell like logs onto the ground aparently surpised by the new warriors. the remaining 6 or 7 fired little star shaped discs. one crew member was hit and fell dead. The fedikay charged at the remaining 6. the warriors charged into them. The vong were overwelmed they fell quickly killing one fedikay. The fedikay found one of the  vong lie wounded. They bound his hand behind his back. and walked out back to the line.

"Are there more?" one fedikay asked one of the crew.

"Are there more? the entire ship is full of them. the crew man responed.

"Let us leave then." The fedikay responded.

they escourted the crew men back to the pps got in and blasted off. The carrier had strict orders if any vong survived on the ship. The carier lopend fire with its escourt ships. the batered ship exploded a millisecond after being hit. The carier then sent word. all vong ships coming in via the gap were to be once again elimenated.

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Just when everything had begun to calm down, more or less... one dozen Yuuzhon Vong Warships came through the gap.  The Setaraan Warship swooped in and destroyd one vong vessel before being destroyed by the others.  The KYA and Trh ships quickly move in and destroy the rest of the Vong vessels, but not before a few lucky plasma balls pierce the research station hull...

*Meanwhile on Setara Prime*

"They destroyed the warship," Shiratta asked.


"Let us show KYA and Trh that we mean we are their allies, that we will fight this menace.  Send a task force of two dozen warships to the research station to help defend it."

*Around the research station*

Two dozen Setaraan Warships ripple into the area taking up defensive positions...

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I actually forgot that. I didn't know they had the vong bit as well. Forgive me for my memory error. Well mr baron instead of being picked up you are blown up by a random shot from the vong killing you and all your hopes. And then the tleiaxu respawn you with full memory and...

(fine that is mean maybe you should decide)

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Major Sharpie grimaced as he sat in the command chair of the KYA Carrier, the research station had fallen under attack and been destroyed by Vong forces an hour ago, after that the Vong seemed to launch hit and run attacks on everyone's holdings but now they seemed to be attacking a Setara COlony, one whose orbital defenses were destroyed.

Soldiers launched Missiles into Vong lines killing one or two with each shot and ancient bullets were bouncing off the Vong's vonduum crab armor.  All around the battle site, in the capitol of the colony, soldiers were dying from thudbugs and razorbug impacts, and don't forget bare hands and amphistaff woudns.

Lasgun pulses were taking forever to cut into the armor and had very little effect, tanks were being destroyed left and right, and flames were coming from destroyed buildings.  

Within the hour the colony had fallen to the Yuuzhon Vong, and they had their first real base in the Dune Universe.

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the force is useless against the vong but we have our other weapons. Before we thought that the force was unstoppable now we are wrong. We must start training our troops with out the force as well increasing our strength. This is not good we should go. Very well we shall come an other day. What of our allies. THey right now don't need our help.

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Major Sharpie sat in the command chair of the carier agamimnon. He looked down at the wound in his left arm he recived when he left the station. The vong atack surpised them. fireing several shots at the station. the station still badly dameged from the last atack and couldent take the hits. i exploed after a few shots. Only a few escape pods were launched. there was a 83% KIA in the staion. but he got out. He was reisighened to the O.B(orithopter battlecraft) carrier. The gap had been acting strangly lately, letting matter travel both ways. But the vong had kept hitting them. Reports were still coming in, but apeared that the vong had destroyed a setera base. There new rebublic allies seemed to be restless sending 2 ships back in the gap.

Major sharpie walked in to the brifing room of the imperail crusier with there setera and thr allies. Gervani was sitting at the front of the table with a bunch of info discs infront of her.

"Whats this about?"The THR represenitive asked.

"We need your help. We have sent ships and helped you gaurd the gap from vong atacks. Now we need your help. Are Captil world, Crousant is being targeted by the vong. If it falls caos will fallow. I dont know if we can send suport if that fallows and infact we may have to retreat all together to your space. So will you help us?"

"The KYA Goverment is prepared to give you are full suport in the gaurding of Crousant." Majar Shapie responed.

"As is the THR goverment." The THR represetive responded

"As is Setera goverment. We have lost a small coleny by the name of jilmaja. We will not let the vong threat grow any more. We give are full suport in the gaurding and liberating of your galexy." The setera military officer responded.

"When is the atack suspected?"

"72 hours."

"Will all your ships be prepared to leave once the replacment gaurds of the gap arive?"




16 hours later the replacement gaurds arived. The massed THR,Seteran, and KYA along with the the new republic ships went into the gap. 3 hours later they arived at Crousant. Major Sharpie had never seen so many ships ships.  The new republic must have its entire fleet here. The sky was so full of ships you could only see a few stars.

"Were being hailed sir." The com officer said.

"Open channel."

"Wecome to Crousant. Sorry this couldent be a better visit but all hells broke lose. Plese go to this location. And enjoy your stay." The voice said.

Well ordos 45 knows more about the battle of crouaant than me so i am gona let him take over the battle. Be as detailed as u can ordos 45.

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Half the New Republic Fleet was orbitting Coruscant just beyond the protective space mine layer that surrounded the planet leaving only a few small lanes of space traffic left.  Interspersed with the fleet was a new type of turbolaser platform, which had turbolasers and the stutter lasers.  Garm Bel Iblis and several other Generals were responsible for different portions of the fleet, and civilian traffic had just been ground to a halt because a ship carrying Voxyn has been halted by military forces and the Millenium Falcon.  

That was when the Vong Fleet came in, almost every Vong ship in the Galaxy had come out of hyperspace.  The new turbolaser platforms opened fire easily shredding corvette and frigate analogs, but one by one were being taken down by concentrated plasma fire from the Vong ships.  As New Republic fighters mixed in a deadly dance with coralskippers, both sides were suffering casualties...as a Mon Calamari Star Cruiser burst into debris.  Most of the Fleet began to fall back, but Bel Iblis's section of it pushed forward, because he knew that if they didn't stop the Vong here then they would likely never be stopped.  His portion of the fleet continued against the Vogn directly, disobeying orders to retreat planetward, and ships from other parts of the fleet began to join him.

The last platform burst into flame and the dovin basals on several Vong cruisers began to tear the mines toward them as they dove toward Coruscant's shimmering shield.  They crashed into it followed by the mines and a few coralskipper squads.  

Vong troop ships begna planetward dispersing troops all around the place as civilian craft took to the skies.  Coralskippers were blasting them away.  That was when the Trh, KYA, and  Setara fleets came swooping down.  

"All ships from my universe," began a KYA commander," keep the Vong off the civilians.  Setaraan heavy transports, evacuate as many as you can."

The Setaraan transports landed as civilian flooded on and the Trh and Kya craft tried to keep coralskippers away.  A few miles away the palace went up in a photon explosion and Borsk Fey'Lya's final act killed 25,000 Vong warriors with him.  Plasma blasts ripped into the sitting Setaraan Transports, destroying them.  Soon after the general retreat order came over the comm systems, the battle for Coruscant had been lost.  Half of the half of the New Republic Fleet that was there was destroyed, the Jedi Eclipse Base was lost, Coruscant's minefields and turrets were destroyed as well.  Coruscant itself, occupied by the Vong, the Galaxy...the Galaxy was a place now of fear, chaos, and hope...

One KYA vessel made it back through the gap to show how dismal a failure the battle was...

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The KYA carier agamemnon made it in the gap severely damaged. Its foldspace engines were critical. another 10 miniutes in foldspace and they would have vaperized in foldspace. The Battle was a disaster. The vong forces hand completly overwelmed the new republic fleet. The Gap coilition had arived to late to aid in the main battle.Coruscant had already fallen. Seteran drop ships had tried to evac as many civs as posibul while the kya fedikay engaged the vong. There was heavy fighting but the feikay were loosing. When the palace blow the fedikay retreated killing many vong. But as the seteren ships prepared for lift off they were hit by vong coral skipers and destroyed. The THR ships went down with Bel Iblis's. All of the setera and KYA ships and been destroyed except them. Major sharpie learned that no defense could stop these vong. So the only way Is offense.  New republic refuge ships came almost evreday now. Two weeks after being in space port the agamemnon had been sent back out with a prototyp massdrive ion cannon. As major sharpie requsted a huge KYA Fleet had massed in preperation for a strike on the vong controled Vortex. Almost all of the kya reservs had been called into action for the strike. If the strike failed KYA prime and and the gap would be left with only a skeliton kya defense. But the KYA fleet jumped. The Vong had been cought compleltey by surprise. The Kya had the advantege from the start. The agamemnons mass driver cannon fired at a large vong command ship. which could only stand the blast for a cupple of seconds before crumbling like a bernt peice of paper. Destroyed even before getting off a distress signel. The remaining vong ships continued to fight even though they lost all heavy suport. The last of the vong  ships were destroyed. KYA gunships and bombers pummeld the vong ground force. THe fedikay then moved in finishing the last of the resistance off in a matter of days. in 4 days time the vong had been whiped off vortex. and the vong had felt there first true deafeat by the gap.

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The Vong were outraged at their defeat at Vortex, there was only one solution, use their forces on the Dune side of the Gap in an effort to hurt those who had shown them defeat...they would attack, KYA Prime.

Hundreds of Vong Ships assembled and came out of hyperspace firing as they came, the defense and communications satellites went down in record time.

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"WHAT!" Major sharpie screemed at his com officer.

"The vong have hit KYA prime."


"How long would it take for us to get back home?"

" 19 hoursTo long to do any good."


"How long to target the nearest vong controled planet out side of the galexy?"


"Prepare a offence force in 5 miniutes"

"Yes sir"

14 hours and 5 miniutes later the kya fleet emerged over the vong controled world of herlke'klo. The vong must have thought we could only move in one galexy becouse there was no defensive force around the planet at all. The KYA ships opened open with evrething they had. useing even nova bombs. in a matter of minutes the vong planet was in ashes all life was destoryed. The vong sent a large fleet to counter atack. but by this time the KYA did what they hadnt done in hundreds of years. they used there nova bombs to bombard the sun untill it went nova then jumping away as the vong forces were insinerated.

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four solician kyotos were huddled near a large boulder on top of mesa near the Solician dune base. One of them, commander Ryan Ivell, was dressed in desert camouflage, a rust red ski mask, and rust orange gloves so worn that several tips of his fingers were showing. He held his LR-13 sniper rifle close as he watched for anything weird. The other three were talking quitly. One had a auto shotgun and a submachine gun, another had a machine gune with several bandolirs of 50. cal bullets, the other had a several c4 bombs, gernades, a particle(or high power flame thrower, dis. over 50 yards) thrower, and a pistol

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