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Dune Vs Starwars. The War to end all wars.


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Major Sharpie sat in his swivel chair looking at the security moniters. "Nothings ever out here. Even Pirites dont come this far out." He thought to himself.

He turned the little nob on the side of the moniter switiching it to a diferent camera. He checked the space stations sensers. nothing visible beside the huge red giant siting calmly in the center of system. The reason they were  in this system was to see if they could stop a red giant from going nova. they have bene able to make a star go nova but untill recently they coudent stop or reverse the process. This was even More deadly then making a star go nova. if they can make a star reverse the process and become nothing more than gas it would freze a enemy.  

he was about to go get a glass of slig juice when the proximity alarm rang. He switched from camera to camera. he found nothing untill he came to the red gient. it was shrinking.

"By god they have done it" he thought to himself.

he kept staring at the shrinking sun untill it disapread.  But insted of stars shining in the backround there was nothing. no light nothing. Then there was a blinding flash of light. when he opend he eyes he saw that there was some kind of battle being fought out there. two dimind shaped ships with a bunch of what apeared to be fighters and to smaller ships. with large turets. the ships seemed to be fighting what apeared to be some kind of bio ship.

"Great slig house jones has returned". he thought

"all hand to battle stations all hand to battle staionts!" he screemed into the intercom.

"sheilds up."

he watched the screens as the sheild folded around the station.

He felt a great rumble and fell to the ground.

"What the frell was that"!

"The bio ship sir its opend fire on us."

"Return fire."

He watched the screen as the las gun bateries opend fire.

the bio ship seemed to be taking hevy damnege from the combied 5 ships hitting it. It apeared to be shivering up. there was another white light. the bio ship exloded.

"Were being hailed sir."

"lets hear it."

"My name is Gervani.I represent the New Rublic and the Empire."

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umm er... (goes on for several hours)

no we will create our own gold fish supply!!!!!!!!!!!

luke atreides and paul skywalker will rule the universe!!!!!!!

what of the super no destroyer? we will use it soon. Have patience. The fremen jedi sardaukar (they are all in one) are already under our command. What of the sith? oh we are the sith. Ahhh!!!!!! we are all that is left. What happened to the rest? nothing there were no others. ahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Major Sharpe sit at the front of a large meeting tabel with 6 other members of the KYA first contact force. He stare at gervina. Her ship had been distroyed by a atacking setera force they took out three of the setera escourt ships but there main worship destoryed gerevina's ship. The whole in demsions seemed to be growing. insted of blackness they could see a few distant stars whare the emptines had once been.

"Who are the ones with the bio ship?" Sharpie asked stareing at gervina.

"There called the Uzan Vong. They came to our space about 5 years ago. They control about a quarter of the glaxay now, we  have been fighting them since they arived. But  There to powerful. They Destroy whole planets,shove moons in to planets. We have only a few victorys, we need help. will you help us?"

"We will, only if you help us, we have many enemies. such as the Seterans. We have had bad relations with them for the past two thousand years, since the great KYA vs. Setera war."

What is the rate of expanion for the gap?" He asked one of the men beside him.

"its growing very fast sir. If it continues its rate of expanion are galaxys will be one in 4 years. Particals seem to be entering are space but none are going in theres.

"So They cant go back in"?

"No sir, not at the moment."

"Can you transmit to your fleets?" he asked gervani

"Yes we can transmit to them." she responded

"Tell them that you are under KYA protection from the Vong and any other factions you may face. I have been given permission from exatreides himself  to qaurinteen this whole area. Are ships will be ariving soon.

"Thank you." She said looking pleased.

The Proximity alarm rang.

Sharpie ran to the intercom.


"Yes sir. But sir its larger than we asked for. there are four nemisis class battle ships ,three command cariers, and two lyra heavy gun ships along with there many escourt ships." the officer on duty responed

The proximity alarm kept ringing.

"Whats going on?"

"Three more star destoryers have arived via the gap. and sir 6 setera warships have just arived sir."

" Frell, Raise sheilds. Put all ships on full alert. Tell the seterans that these ships are under our protection and any atack will be considered a act of war and will met with deadly force."

"Yes sir."

"Sir its to late they have opend fire."

"Have our ships return fire. Give them evrething we got.

He turned on a near by moniter. the seterans were taking a beating they were already starting to pull back. Two of there bio ships were already starting to shrivil. four of them jumped. But the shriveld two kept fighting. but they dident last long under the many ships atacking them. They exploded in great white flashes.

"Lets hope this was a mistake, lets hope it was a big frelling mistake." He said out loud

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i think paul could kick lukes ass any day of the week. maybe not obi-wan, but definately luke. And stormtroopers would get their bums kicked by Fremen. Then the Ewoks would jump from the trees and eat Sarduakar, and makers would come form Tatoonie, ridden by Jawas (BEEP BEEP) and R2 and C3PO would renegades since they are "thinking machines"... did i skip anything??? oh yeah and Leia and Chani would mud wrestle ;D ;D ;D

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"hennet, jump us, 4 pasedena dreadnoughts, 8 arcadia class assault cruisers, and 20 kamikaze(means divine wind in Japanese) class light gun carriers to alphonse. the planet solace looks the same, so does silvanesti. qualinesti(the farming planet) was destroyed due to asteroid hit that knocked it into the sun.

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umm!!!!!!!!! I kinda control sardaukar and that but since you are so friendly why not? Trh5000 can you like come up with an explanation that we are allied and i gave you the soldiers?

anyway. blahblah... we will teach our forces the way of the spice (instead of the force now the force shall be referred to as the spice and the spice melange as the force why not? it gives it a good twist)

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"What," yells Shiratta, the leader of the Setara.

"I said a rouge faction launched an early attack on the dimensional rift," said the officer.

"Send a team of diplomats, we aren't ready for a war yet."

An unarmed diplomatic shuttle arrives at the First COntact Station and will hopefully convince them it was a rouge faction.

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trh5000 did you read the my other post above? if so I'll take it as yes unless you say otherwise.

we will go into hyperspace now! yes sir.  together (luke and paul) we will rule the universe, any allies? ah why not? we could do with some friends.

Then their hyper drive shuts down and come upon ex being attacked with trh5000 waiting. Hmm! should we intervene?

no wait for a signal. If ex wants help we'll give it if not we'll finish off his opponents. Right now why don't go over to trh5000 with some gold fish and have a jolly good time

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Sharpie sit in the chair looking over the most recent reportes about the gap. It is suspected that it will be the size of a entire system by the end of the month.

"Great its alomst to big for us to patrol already." He thought to himself.

He heard the cry of the proximity alarm. He rushed over to the security moniter.

"Some THR ships sir." He hears over the entercom.


"No sir. they desire to aid us in patroling the gap."

"Fine. THR has been are allie since the great war."

The proximity alarm rang againe.

"What the frell?"

"Vong, sir apears to be a carer and escourt ships ."

"Sheilds up. Alert the fleet."

"There launching fightiers sir."

"Open up, give them evre thing we got."

He turned to the moniter. The vong ships seemed to be taking damnage from all the surounding armada. They kept fireing little golden from there ships.

"Sir the genlo!"

One of THR's war ships was burning, small escape pods lauched of the sides of the hall.  But it was to late the great ships exploded in a great ball of fire vaperising the vong fighter craft and the escape pods.  another explosion caught his eye. It was one of the escourt ships it enveloped in flames. The carier seemed to be shirivling up. he had to close is eyes from the blinding explosion.  The vong escourt ships dident seem to care they kept fighting untill one by one they were destroyed.

"The proximity alarm rang again."

"What now?" he thought to himself.

The moniter switched cameras. he saw what apeared to be a huge vong ship.

"Get are ships there now!" He yelled into the intercom

but he spoke to soon the great vong ship had already folded space."

"Any tracking data?"

"No sir."

The proximity alarm rang again.

Vong? he asked over the intercom

Yes sir.

All men report to battle.............

He fell to the ground after some kind of impact had stricken the ship.  He pulled him self back up. and checked the sensors. the ship had taken a direct hit from what apeared to be a vong super gunship. The suronding ships were already returning fire. but it seemed to be focusing all its firepower on the station

"frell" he thought just before another blast hit and his mind was enveloped in blacknes.

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sir multiple fires on the dreadnoughts, only 1 pasedena,2 arcadia, and 4 kamikazes are still holding.

damn, get us to the station and launch the sds now!!

sir damage to #3 hanger!



sds system pods launched to port side, sds pods launched on right side, 3 light kamikazes are barraging the vong ship, its...its destroyed a pasedena! in 5 missles rounds!

MISSLES IN 5!!!!!!

SDS PODS OPENED,  sds system generators on

3 seconds until impact!

sds shields active!

sir all kamikazes are destroyed we must retreat!

and leave these b@st@rds to destroy the station? no!

sir 1 pasedena and 1 arcadia remane they are both heavily damaged and can't jump if we jump the ship may be destroyed

damage levels on pasedena are 85% arcadia92% and we are 82%, the sds shields are at 37% damage, we need to find a repair station.* a flash of light apears on the left side of the flag ship out appears the solacian part of the spade fleet consisting of 3 spade class ships, 12 pasedena and 18 arcadia plus 30 kamikazes 10 heavy 20 light.* sir back up has arrives full on barrage at vong now!

*the vong ships are heavily hit and many are exploding causing damage to other vong ships.* focus the GRLCs on the spades a the carrier*bursts of puple light come out of the huge cannons on the spade caysin massive damage to vong carrier*  

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Sharpie woke with a severe pain in his head. he felt it  it it apeared to be bleeding. He found a nearby railing and pulled himself up. He looked down at the sensor moniter. The station took heavy damage in the lower decks. he turned on the proximity sensors . The vong heavy dreadnaught seemed to be destroyed but 3 THR ships were heavly damaged. 3 emperial destroyers had been destoryed and one KYA gun boat was also destoryed. He found the intercom.

"Report." he said into it.

no one anweserd.

"Report". He repeated.

Hey tried another station.

He sent a message to the kya homeworld.

*"We request more assistance in this threat. Perhaps we can capture a vong ship and use it agianst them. i request 1/4 of a legion of freman fedikay. Are allies from the other side repost the vong are elite fighters. they will give us asistance of two of there 'jedi'."Also notify the seterans we may need there help against this new enemy."*

he sent the message.

the proxmity alarm rang againe. 3 empieral war ships.

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"They need help," I ask.

"Yes," said the officer.

"Send a warship with the news that we will remain nuetral for the time, they aren't attacking us because we don't use mechanical technology."

The officer bows and with a ripple of space a warship appears above the TRH and KYA Fleets and the three Imperial Warships.

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dident you read my posts?

Suff can come into are space but it cant go back. and if you atacked the imperial warships we would atack you. What do you mean remenets of are fleet? i have two carier groups there along with several gunships battleships.  and why do you think you can handel the imperial warships so easily?

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yeah maybe!

luke and paul we have recieved transmissions to try to capture the a vong ship. Interesting we will send 50 of our troops. Master level. Make sure they are prepared to mind control the organisims on the vong shi0ps or destroy them. what of the other vong ships? they are irrelevant destroy them. there are too many. You contradict me? die fool. Argh!!!!!!!!!!!

We will use the force. waves his hand and destroys 5 ships. paul we should join with our men. Yes it will be entertaining

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