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Dune Vs Starwars. The War to end all wars.


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The Vong didn't take their defeat in stride at all, they resolved to show the arrogant KYA Leader what happened when you crossed them.  A massive dovin basal was deployed in orbit of KYA Prime and all the Yuuzhon Vong forces on the planet fled to space.  The dovin basal dragged the planet's three moons down onto KYA Prime, shattering the planet into chunks...   (Just like in the book Vector Prime)

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"Holy mother of Gob! They did what??" Major sharpie asked the com officer.

"Reports are still coming in sir but it apears that KYA prime as been complety destroyed." The com officer replyed.

"What about the provinces?"

"They have not been touched by the vong atack, it apears that the vong just targeted KYA prime."

"Are people are to spread out to do any good. What is the most heavly defended world now that KYA P has been destored?"

"Sir the provines just have skelton defenses since we mobilized the fleet."

"We need to gaurd the ships yards though. Evac all are people to the system of olika.  Prepare the fleet we jump in five.......four........3........

"Sir distress call just in. Corrila is under vong atack. "

"Is it on the way to the gap?"

"Yes sir."

"Prepare the fleet we jump in 10."


6 hours later the fleet arived over Corrila. The new republic lost almost all there ships. Vong ships were orbiting corrila preparing to send troops down. The vong were pounding the remaining AA corrila was putting out.  The Agagamemnon and the other KYA ships were releasing there fighters, The battleships and gun ships were getting in position. KYA troop pods were being launched to help on the ground. The vong noticed the troop pods and began releasing fihgters to counter them. The KYA battleships opened fire on the Vong ships. destroying numeres vong escort craft. The vong fighters turned away from the troop pods and began aproching the KYA ships. They were met by the KYA fighters. The fighters danced in a leathel las gun and plasmaw while the big guns pounded each other.


"Vong fighters aprocheing at six alock sir." The com oficer said looking up at Sharpie."

"Dam it whares are fighter suport!?"

"Engaged by the lucifer."

"Rear guns?"

"Handling them sir but they were buit for capitel ships not fighters."

"Deal with it.What about the ground fighting?" Major shapie asked

"Are freman are handeling them sir. they have already been beaten back several times."

Major sharpie felt a large blast hit the ship.

"What was that?

Vong captial ship. Rear guns are down, multipul hull breaches.

"Seal them."

"Already done."

"Dam it, Do somthing about that capital ship." Sharpie told the weapons oficer.


Sharpie felt a near by explosion.

"Vong troop ships are bording sir. I sugest that we abandon ship.

"No. How close are they?" Sharpie askesd

"One deck below us and on deck 16."

"Deck 16. thats almost at enginering. Close enginering off. And close the bridg doors.


Sharpie hears the hiss as the bridg doors behind him close. He reaches down the side of his chair and opens the case under is chair containing his las pistal and crsknife.

"Do the same." Sharpie tells the rest of the crew

One by one they reach down and take out there las pistals.

"I wont let the vong get into the centeral computer. If the vong get past us have the ship ram into the vong cap ship. set up a infered line so if we fall and they cross the line boom." Sharpie said loading the pistal.

"Can are ships handel the vong once the cap ship goes?"

"Should be able to sir as long as........................

Shapie heard something hit the bridg doors.

"Order the Crew to abandon ship." He said walking towards the bridg doors.

Dents were becoming visibul as the vong hit the brigd doors. The rest of the bridg crew walking up to the bridg doors. Sharpie turned away from the door and looked at the main veiwer. 70% of the crew had jumped ship. the rest were either lazzy or dead. The intire door was denting inward. sharpie looked back at the door. The door fell down.  20 vong warriers rushed in though the doors. they were hit with las pistal fire. 2 fell down dead. the others charged towards the terrified crew. Sharpie pulled out the crsknife and stabed through a hole in the the vongs armor into the vongs soft flesh. The vong colapsed on the blade. Shapie jammed the knife deeper into the vong untill the vong stoped moving. He kicked the vong away from him and charged at a vong warier who was finishing off one of the crew. The vong turned and jabbed with his armstaff. Sharpie  paried and kicked the vong in the side of the knee. The vong colapsesd on the ground. Sharpie stabed The vong quickly in the neck. The vong bled to death in a matter of seconds. Sharpie turned. Almost all the crew had been killed. out of the 17 in the bridg 4 remained. The vong had only lost 5 and were pressing the 3 back. Sharpie charged at another one of the vong with his crsknife in air. The vong stabed him in chest with his staff as sharpie came down with the knife killing the vong and sharpie. The last thing sharpie seen was the vong crossing the line and charging the last of the crew.

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Glosau Rabban : Uncle, our long range sensors have

detected a group of planets, they are hailing us

and calling themselves for "the empire", theres

a guy with a black funny helmet that breaths really

heavy that tells us to surrender our ship.

Vladmir Harkonnen : Hmmmmm, do we have our

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"Sir the agamemnon is charging acslerating a full speed towards the KYA command ship!" The com officer said looking up at the Lt.

"What! Show me." Lt. King responded.

" The battleships main veiw screen showed the heavly damaged KYA ship charging towards the vong ship. The vong ship was focusing all of its firepower at the carrier. Large flames burst on the Armor of the KYA carier.

"Hail them." He told the com officer.

"No response." She said still looking at the com controls.

"Use are uplink show me whats on the bridg."

The main screen fizzeld for a sec then showed a bunch of what apeared to be vong smashing all of the controls over the bridg. on the floor lay a few vong warriers along with the entire crew.

"My god." He thought to himself.

" All weapons

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Sorry it cut me off.

Streaks of fire raced towards the vong ships.They had all focosed all of there shots at one of the C.S. they impacted with a bag. the first expolsion severly damaged the vong ship there was a large gash in the side of the bulk head. The other shot hit one after the other the vong ship tried to fire intercepters but was to late. soon after the last shell hit the vong CS was glowing red and drifting away from the group. The vong ships stopped for a momment then returned to there course.

"How long till next charge is ready?" King asked the the weapons officer.

"2 minits."

"Take no ship weapons off line."

"Yes sir.

10.9.......8.....7.......6......5......4......3....2....1. MAC cannon online sir.

"Send them to hades."

" 3 Streaks launched from the batlle ship." They impacted on one of the vong carriers. The carriers black hole sheilds grabed the first shot but couldent pull it in. The shot hit the vong carrier right on the nose. The vong Carrier was sent realing to the left whare it impacted one of there excourt destroyers. The smaller ship was instintly expolded causeing massive damege to the lower decks of the vong ship. The other two shots hit the vong ship. The already dameged carrier glowed red hot then shriveld into nothingness.

"Yes!" The weapons officer said.

"Vong fighters dected on aproch vector." The tec officer said.

"Release intercepters. activate defences Grid."

The vong and KYA fighters mixed fireing deadly las gun and plasma shot at each other while the defense grid stugled to keep up with constant movement. There escourt ships fired there mac guns. The streaks raced foward towards the last Vong CS, but before the struk a vong crusier moved in the way taking 1 mac shell before glowing red. The 2ed hit before it shriveld and ensierated what was left of the vong crusier. The last shell hit its mark. strikeing the the vong CS on port side. A large gap apeared in the vong CS armor. That section of the CS shrivled expolded. Damaging the rest of the ship. The other smaller mac shells from smaller ships hit the vong CS. The shells didn't destroy the ship it just blown out 6 of the ships waving armlike fighter bays and striking in other sections of the ship.

The vong fleet turned to flee.

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The message about the new weapon never reached the Setaraan Homewolrd, the Vong blasted through  the Setara defenses quickly, jumping in inside Setaraan lines.  Then they began a plasma bombardment which left the planet lifeless, meanwhile on the Setaraan FLagship....

"THey what," I screamed.

"Destroyed it," said the ashen faced officer.

"Set us on a course to where the bulk of our fleet is hidden, its time to go seek shelter and ride out this war.

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"So the setera home wrold has been destryoed?" King asked his com officer with a sad look on his face.

"Yes sir, are spys report that the bulk of the setera fleet has escaped." The com officer responded.

"Send them the message that we will give them asylm and new weapons tec."

"Yes sir.

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(Assylum- Sanctuary, a safe place to hide or to build up forces in.  TO be protected from an enemy by someone)

"Assylum," I ask.

Yes," says the comm officer.

"Tell the FLeet to set course for the bulk of the KYA Fleet..."

The communications officer did that and then the bioships rippled into foldspace and out again at their destination.

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Sub commmader Jlkiop looked into the vilip containing his command gsshita.

" How quickly did the KYA people fall?" His commnader asked.

"They dident Sir. They have developed some new kind of weapon.  The entire fleet we sent was massacurd by the infadels. There Casulties were minume. I Sugest Commander that we obilterate The KYA people before they can share this with others it has the potention of deafting us." Jlkiop said with his head held low.

" Show me this deafeat." gsshita asked.

The vilp changed from Jlkiops face to the eye of one of there Capital ships. The Vong ships were aproching the KYA ships ween Large streeks of fire raced towards the Vong ships. The capital ship besides them Burst into flames as the weapons hit.

"Enough" gsshita said looking away.

The vilip change backs to Jikiops face.

"The Infidel New republic is falling and will colape soon. So i am sending most of are fleet though the gap for the destrution of the infadels. How did the atack on Setera go? Gsshita asked"

"There home planet was destroyed but there fleet escaped."

"From now on The Destruction Of the KYA fleet is are prime consorn here. The fleet will arive in the infadels system in 20 hours."


"Sir Were picking up foldspace eccos sir." His tactical officer said.

"Are ships?" King asked.  

"No sir its The setera Ships requesting permision to dock at the station for weapons upgrades." The Tac and Nav officers Said.

"Give them permission."

"Any word from from Gap gaurds?" King asked the Com officer.

"No sir."

 They had lost all contact with there gap gaurds 6 hours ago and still no word from them.

"Are the last heavy mac cannons In place?" King asked the weapons officer

"Yes sir there in postion in all of the worlds.


8 hours latter the last of the setera Ships was armed with MAC cannons.

King was awoken by the battlestations alarm. He Rolled out of bed got dressed and ran to the bridge.

"Report?" He asked his tac officer.

"Massive Vong fleet detected at the edge of the olika system. Scans report over 30 capital ships 15 carries and dozens of excourt ships."

"Charge the mac cannons around the 7th planet. Alert the rest of the fleets and the seterans. Charge are mac cannons. And show me the vong fleet" King said sitting down in the command chair.

"Aye aye sir." The main veiw screen switched to one of the MAC cannons orbiting The 7th planet. The vong Fleet was aproching fast. King had never seen so many ships in all of his life. There were so many ships the entire sky was was moving.When the vong ships made it to the max range of the MAC cannons the mac cannon fired. The Orbital MAC Cannons were capabul of fireing faster and heavier shels than the ships born MAC and capabul or reloading faster cannon but the Vong dident know this. The Dozen Mac Cannons Fired there deadly barage of Shells. Shells  Raced towards the Vong ships. One of the vong heavy crusiers tired to bloack a Shell from hitting a cap ship with it self this failed. The Heavy Mac shell Punched a Whole Right though the Vong crusier and hit the command ship. The CC ship instanty lost a quarter of her hall. The Crusier drifted for a short while before  glowing red and expolding. Simmiler  Incidents Happend to the rest of the Vong fleet. Over a quarter had been destroyed.  The MAC guns fired again there shells raced towards the vong ships. This time however over half the shells changed  direction and missed completly. More of the vong ships exploded. The cannons fired again almost all there shells missed.The MAC cannons Them selves started being pulled  towards the Vong ships. The Cannons  were pulled faster and faster towards the vong ships. The vong ships opend fire at there maximum range. The Cannons Sheilds were built to take a punch but they were slowly starting to fall under the punch.

"Activate The cannons self desturct." King said

"Aye Aye."The Weapons officer said.

Seconds latter the screen went white as the Mac cannons Nova bombs detonated vaporiseing the vong ships.

"SIR! Massive Vong Presence 3 times the size of the ships at the 7th planet detected at the edeg of the fourth planet acelerateing towards us." The tac officer said with a hint of fear in his voice.

"Mac cannons?"

"There out of the range of the fourth planets MAC cannons."


"32 minites."

"Ah frell. Battle staions alert the fleet. Begin Planetary evacs.  Maybe with the setera ships we might stand a chance.

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above and below the vong ships solician dreadnoughts appeared launching volleys of plasma and nanocuries of gama radiation(remember my gamma cannons from Setaraan and Kya war[and ex are you part of the KYA cs clan?]) seeing the barrages do moderate damage trh pulled away his flagship the Albion to were the Kya ships were. Beads of sweat rolled down his forehead his fingers soaked in sweat flipped open the clear plastic lid on the panel before him. He pushed down on the red button labeled RPPS. panes on the side of the albion flipped open launching a volley of missles. each one had on side of it revealed whan all 8 were in two squares plasma began to fill the gaps farming two shield moving through a large vong ship. A rush of relief ran over TRH as the bio ship began to disinigrate due to the super heated plasma.  

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The Setaraan Bio SHips continued through foldspace until they reached something, the Gap, continuing even into foldspace.  They go through the Gap.  They run into thousands of Vong ships, the Vong have mastered foldspace travel and the Setara ships begin to race back to warn the others, being pursued as they go*

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"Inpact in 5..4..3..2..1. Brace for impac.." The tac officer was cut off by a large plasma torpeda

"Report." King said.

"Decks 9,10 hull breaches, fires on dec 11 and 12."

"Close hall breaches and get fire teams there.

"Mac cannons."

"20 percent and charging."

"Fire all conventional weapons."

King watched the main veiw screen. Streaks of las gun fire hit the vong dreadnaought many were swallowed by by the voids but some mad it though. Las gun crew continued to pepper the ship each time getting one or two more shots in then the time before.

"Missles away."

Red streaks raced towards the vong ship over half were swallowed by the void but some made it though and atached to the vong underbelly. The missles drilled into the vong armer. The missles disapeared into the vong ship racing towards crewstations or vital locations. The vong ship exploded from the inside.

The vong fleet at the 4th planet combined there dovel bassels and aborbed most of the the 2 wave of mac cannons. Kya ships moved in and atacked. The KYA were taking heavy losses already retreating half way to the olika the 3erd planet whare almost all of the Factories were located. But the vong had taken were taking devestating losses. Losing over a quarter of there atack fleet from the first wave of mac cannon rounds.  

"Sir the gobaloper!" The tac officer sceeched.

"The main veiwscreen switched cameras and showed the heavy destroyer inflames. A near by vong crusier had taken light damage.

"FIRE THE MAC CANNONS!" King screemed at the wepons officer.

Streaks of light raced towards the vong cruiser. one streak hit in the belly of the ship. The ships southern secion glowed red the other shells truck. The Vong cruiser exploded.

"Scan for life pods."

"52 life pods dected in the near by area. 47 are from the Gobbaloper."

"Launch rescue crews."

"Why arnt the planitary Mac cannons fireing?"

"Were to mingled. It could launch and destroy us." The tac officer said staring down at his consol.

"Order the fleet to pick off life pods then jump back to the 3erd planet we cant win out here.

"Aye aye. The comm officer said.

12 minits later the fleet had jumped back to the 3erd planet.

"Have the vong jumped yet." King asked the tac officer.

"No sir there coming at us in normal space. Estimated time till arivle 18 minuits and counting."

"This was one of are primary ship yards during the great war right?" King asked the crew.

"Yes sir."

"Well what kind of defensis did we have here."

"Well a nova mine feild las gun plat forums and thats just about it. The plat froums are drifting space junk, but the mines. Sir over half the mines are still operational. estimated vong ships will be in range of mines in 4 minites. The tac officer said with a hint of hope in his voice.

"Tell the fleet to charge there mac cannons but not to fire untill i give the word. If we times this right we might be able to give them one frell of a nice surpire.


"Sir vong in range of mines, Fleet cannons charged and ready to go." The tac officer said.

"NOW! King said.

the majority of the vong ships were insinerated in the super heat of a the nova mines.

"Mac cannons now!"

dozens of streaks of light raced towards the reamaing ships. Most of the ships didnet even raise voides after being weakend by the mines. Any surviving vong ships jumped out of the system.

"Sir"!!! The tac officer yelled.

instanly the veiw screen switched to show hundereds of vong drop ships decending apon the planet.

"holy mother." King said out loud.

"Lauch fighters prepare all marines and freman. Nock those drop ships out my sky." King said.

Straks of fire raced towards the vong drop ships detenating as close as possibul to them with out going into the atomsphere. dozens of drop ships flodded out of the KYA ships landing on the planet it help fight off the vong.

"How many vong landed on the planet?" King asked the tac officer.

"Well estimates report.125,000 vong warriers. And a unknown number of suport units. And even with our suport there will only be 69,000 of our troops to defend it.estimated time worst case 26 hours till olika prime falls.

" if it falls the KYA people will also fall. Alert are allies tell them we need to clear the vong off this planet. And also mention that there will be no orbital bombardments only ground suport. Make sure that last part gets to the setera." King said loking at the watch. 25 hours 57 minutes till the kya people would fall. unless help arives.

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THe Setara vessels dropped out of foldspace straight into Olika's Prime's atmosphere.  With nearly 500 Vong ships right behind us.  They shot past the Setara ships and began to aid their fellow Vong.  Setaraan bio ships tried to blast them to pieces, but the numbers were just too much.

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