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Dune Vs Starwars. The War to end all wars.


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lol...one question ppl..where are they getting all these resources LOL prety large battles going on here.and man the VONG are wining way to much...and hey wut about the death star??

and fed man stop wut??? its true in u dump a whole bunch of mines just go around it....i idid that in RA1 u know the mine layer......some guy placed aehole bunch at a place and i saw him do it.......then he placed all his men behind it to fight me off ....i just went arouind him...

if u ever see mines go AROUND it...never take ur chances..they should haf more uses of mines in DUNE..yah i know there now illegal but in a case of DUNE or RA i mean its world wide and there using nukes so why not bring in mines??? i reamber the time where just 5 mines would foil the plans of an enemy cause he thought their wer more lol

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10 solician drop ships decended upon  Kya. Each drop ship containing 50 kyotos, solician shock troopers. All 10 landed in the Kya capitol deploying men to aid Kya's defence.

    Solician dreadnaughts warpped to were Exs fleet was.

~loki starships cant brake, they could stop but very slowly leaving them the obsticle of mines~

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(Getting off topic, remember it is a war!)

Three Setaraan bio ships shot under the port bow of one Solacian dreadnought pursuing a small Vong cruiser.  The cruiser had been shooting down civilian escape transports and was very successful at it.  As another transport dropped to the ground as flaming wreckage a passing KYA ship fired its MAC cannons clipping the cruiser.  It was forced to slow down and then the Setaraan Bio Ships chasing it blew it to pieces with seven hits.

On the ground lasgun pulses were doing little to Vong Vonduum Crab Armor and the KYA Fedikay were being overwhelmed.  THere position would not last long, but thankfully over the horizon was a Solacian Kyoto which began laying down distraction fire.  Swooping down low was a Solacian Dreadnought and two Setaraan Fighters, firing into the mass of now trapped Vong soldiers.  Soon the trapped Vong group was destroyed.  Five thousand more VOng foot soldiers down, only about 100,000 to go.

On the Setaraan Flagship Shiratta muttered a few curses in ancient languages.  The battle was turning but at current rates the KYA, Solacian, and Setaraan casualties would be so high that unless something happened soon, it would be a hollow victory.

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"Enemy sighted at 12121." Private loki said.

"How many? Fedikay Rola asked.

"Recon is still coming in Sir but intel sugests a large force. 10 to 30 thousand sir.

"How long?

" A hour maybe two."

"Alert the defensis bring the war droids on line."

"Aye Aye sir."

Rola walked out of the Command Center. The base was the second largest on the north continet. The vong need to take it to cut reinforcements from when they hit the main base. After the main base fell it would be easy to take the rest of the continet. They had to hold the base at all costs. He continued to walk towards there fowards postion whare intell reported the vong would hit first. There were only 7,000 KYA troops stationed there two thound of whom were freman. They had also revived 221 war droids from a new republic shipment before there troops around the gap were obiterated. He reached the front line. The front line was a 12 foot high and 4 foot think dura stell wall with heavy turbolasters staioned on the top and small nitches were carved in the dura steel whare turbolaster guns were in postion. The base it self sat in a clearing it was surounded by jungle on all sides it was about half a click to the jungle from the base walls. half way there there was a heavy mine feild.

 Troops were alrady takeing postion on the top of the wall. He ran up there grabbing a las gun from a weapon despenser. When He reached the top he looked  out at the clearing with some binoculers. All he could see was some movment at the edge of the jungle he couldent tell what it was though. The Alarm blared.

"Incoming skips. I repeat this is not a drill. The voice of Privat Loki blared over the speaker system. Rola seen out of the corner of his eye a entire sqaudren of skips racing towards the base.  The bases AA guns flared to life as a magma missle raced towards the base. The missle missed the base completly and landed in the jungle.One skip was vaped from the aa guns. Abruply 4 skips exploded as Seteren fighters struck them with heavy las gun fire.

"Incoming". A near by soider screemed.

Rola turend from the dog fight to see a swarm of vong soidlers rushing towards the base. The heavy turbolasers opened fire. Almost all of the vong were obiterated. Vong tanks fired from the edge of the forest. The plasma shell hit the wall. Evreone fell down when the shells hit. But the wall apeared to hold. One of the turbolasers was destroyed though. The Soilders got off the ground and opened fire with evrething they had. The syngularitys took all of the las gun shells. But the turbolasers got shots in. The tanks expolded. in great balls of fire.  Another rush of vong charged the base this time fireing thud bugs at the troops at top. To near by soiders feel dead after taking thud bugs to the head. The War droids moved up the ramp and opened fire at the top of the wall with heavy blasters.  hundereds of vong fell dead. Others tried to fire. The bugs made only a little dent to the droids armor.  Rola seen another explosion and saw a entire aramada of skips aproching. the setera fighters exploded in seconds. The aa guns rolled back to life fireing at the 50 or so skips. Only 7 or 8 fell to the aa. the other opened fire. blasts of fire raced towards the KYA base. The shells stuck all over the base. some hit the AA guns others hit the Command center but most hit the line. A huge section of the wall was blown open large enough for a small sandworm to go through. A number of Vong ships exploded as a solica dreadnaught opened fire on them. The dreadnaught launched fighters. The fighters mixed fireing back and fourth. but the vong were forced to flee. The solica fighters turned and opened fire on  the jungle. trying to kill what ever they could. The vong on the ground returned fire on dreadnaught and the fighters. The dreadnugts sheilds were  overwelmed and the haul was taking taking heavy damage. The dreadnaught brought its big guns to bare and opened fire. The jungle went instanly ablaze as the streaks. the vong either were destyoed or dident return fire. but the damage was already done to the dreadnaught. There were small explosions acors the ship before it went down. the ships  sterred right into jungle whare the vong were. the jungle erupted in a huge ball of fire behind them. The shock wave nocked evreone to the ground some people were nocked out.

"Finish them off." Rola screemed.

The war droids rushed out of the gap and opened fire on the retreating vong warriers.  The vong were pushed back to the edge of the forest whare they stoped behind some kind of barrier and returned fire. The droids kept pushing. Some switching to missle and fireing them at the barrier.  

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it cut me off.

The vong tried to rush the war droids but were killed by droids weapons.  The droids kept pushing into the jungle. but were forced to stop when the jungle was starting to be comsumed in flames. The causutie report came in. 14,812 vong bodies found most killed by the dreanaught crash. 1,341 KYA killed in the atack and 2 war droids. Loki had died in the atack on the command center. Now from the explosion but for trapping 312 people behind him when he closed the blast doors behind him. A near by oficer pulled out a las gun and fire multipal shoot into him.

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dropships landed scattered over the once jungle dispersion Kyotos(solician shock troopers). Ryan Ivell led 4 other teammates over to a mass of rumble. This would be sufficent for a telecom setup. After the kyotos were dispersed the drop ships went back up the atmosphere to the carrier Albotross. The kyotos seperated into 6 groups of 5(the recon) and the rest set up a few crude garrison connected by walls as a base of operations. Each kyoto recon team consisted of a machine gun, assault men, radio guy, sniper, and a anti-vehicle trooper. Ryan set up his 500x telescope to spot for intruding vong.

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On the southern continent a small Setara base had been set up to hold off a tide of vong invaders.  THe vogn were slowly fighting there way in though.  The Setara lines were collapsing.  It was all chaos.  Then suddenly the Setara withdrew completely running as fast as they could.  THe VOng ran into the base and began smashing all of the technology.  That was when the micro-atomics went off and consumed the base, and another thousand Vong soldiers.

However, the running Setaraan troops were being gunned down by a Yuuzhon Vong cruiser above them.  Setaraan Fightercraft were attempting to stop it but voids opened up to swallow all of their shots.  A Solacian dreadnought was also firing but none of its shots got through either.  Then a pair of mac cannons fired and the cruiser was engulphed in massive explosions...looking up at the debris crashing nearby the small group of Setaraan troops cheered happily.

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5 Solician dreadnoaghts appeared on Kya spewing out 250 fighters total. The fighters, all clustered together, looked like a giant swarm of locus after the crops which in this case the vong. napalm was spewed forth from the many bombs killing the vong in a flesh burning agony. the kyotos watch at the vong screaming covered in the jelly crying out prays. Some kyotos felt a little pity but these filthy creatures deserved their death. The crab armor prevent much of the damage from the napalm but the vong still felt the pain. hundreds of bombs dropped from the skies creating a sea of explosions devouring enything inside the blast radius. a lower panal of the dreadnaughts opened revealing an oddly shaped cannon. Light of all colors surged out the barrels at vong ships. The captians of the ships waited in silence. Trh said this might work, but the GRAC has never been tested on anything living before.(GRAC or Gamma Ray Acceleration Cannon. It was developed in the Kya v.s. Seratera wars. I mentioned it when fed was going to blow up the arrakis summit)

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"Sir probes have detected ships closing in." The tac officer said with a hint of excitment in his voice.

"Can we identify?" King asked sipping on his slig juice.

"Sir it apears to be a new republic fleet. 3 star destroyers 6 destroyers 2 crusiers and other smaller escourt craft!

"Hail them." King said looking down to his com officer.

The veiw screen infront of them materialzed showing Gervani.

"Well glad you people finaly showed up. What took you so long."

"The vong have not atacked us in several weeks. We have taken this time to strike back at them. We have hade numerous victorys we have pushed the vong back to Bimmisaari in the south and ord mantell to the north We have also taken back crousant whats left of it that is. We were wondering what happend to you guys if your the ones the vong struck at and if any of you were still alive."

King smiled, "Alive and kicken. The vong hit us prety heavy. But with new weapons tecnolegy we were able to defeat them, But they were able to drop a large invasion force on the main planet. We will aslo give you this weapons tec so that you and your ships may stand a better chance against the vong. You have permission to dock in spaceport Pan for upgrades and repairs."

"Copy that."

The ships docked with the SpacePort.  A few hours later the ships were fitted with the KYA mac cannons and  were ready to go.


Jlkiop couldent help screem as the flesh was ripped away from his shin by a mosterus creature only the shapers could have thought of.

"You have failed me you have failed Are destiny in the galexy and you have Failed the gods!"gsshita said postioning the hungery creature in front of his other shin.

"With are degfeat at KYA we have had to pull are fleets back to Ithor, And bimmil. We have lost are entire force in the galexy. these creatures are poisnes but not leathel they have a nice little nurotoxin which increeses pain by 56% Ghsshita said lossing his grip on the creatures leash alowing him to dig his poisens fangs into the flesh before ripping it away and devouring it.

"We dident know they were so fortified.......they atacked us with weapons we were not aware of there was no way of stoping the fleeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"  Jlkiop was cut off by the creature ripping into his kydneys. Ghsshita tighten the creatures leash.

"There are no excusis" Ghsshita said jamming somthing into his arm.

"This will keep you awake untill your end you will not be granted the gods gift of the onconsios."

"I am sorry........... Jlkiop gurgled but the blood flowing out of his mouth made it imposibul to destingwish the rest.

Gsshita let go of the leash letting the creature lauch him self apon Jlkiop. Jlkiop screemed as the creature tor into his flesh from every direction blood and flesh flying from his body in every direction caking Ghsshita with a think layor of blood. Jlkiops screems finaly faided as the creature tore into its vocal cords. All that got out was a gurgle and not even that lasted much longer.

" Apolgy acepted." Gsshita said walking away. He could still hear the creature crushing Jlkiops bones.

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Vong slave 21212 Lay in his living bed. His body swore from the days work. He had to pull a dubble shift becouse alot of the slaves were "missing" he knew what missing ment. he sighed and tryed to go to sleep. how he wanted to be back home.  He slowly drifited off to oncousisnes when he was awoken by a what he thought to be something like pop goes the weezel. He seen something move in the darkness but dident realy care all he could think of was the song. He seen something aproching him. He didnet stop it he dident realy care. POP goes the Weasel. Then the music stoped. There came a screetch. he was horrified to here Its a smallworld after all. He jammed his hands to the sides of his head trying to end it. The music stoped There was a sharp pain in his leg. he looked down and seen something tearing the flesh out of his he screemed. Then the music came back. POP Goes the weasle. he releaxed the pain disaperad. he opened his eyes and looked dow . His entire legs from the waist dow had been striped to the bone. His blod and flesh was evrewhare. He dident care. Pop goes the wesel.  his eyes closed again he felt something move to the top of his head he dident care . His peace was broken by the shreik of ITs a small world after all. All of a sudden The pain hit him at once. He wanted it to end.  The creture was starting to rip his scalpe of. He tried to stab it with his hands but missed and gouged his eyes out with his thumbs. the pain was like a ice pick shoved into his sckull. He pulled his thumbs out and tried to get the creature but by this time he had already bled to dead.

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The Prototype vessel began hit and runs on Vong planets dropping the virus that was killing them.  Hundreds of planets were posionous to the Vong and soon the galaxy in both the Dune Universe and the Star Wars Universe would be safe from Vong planetary invasions, but the fleets oft he Vong were still dangerous indeed.  As one ancient seer among the Setara once said," and then when you believe in victory a second wave shall strike, it will be brought in by the song of 'Pop goes the weasel' and then you shall fight for your very lives."

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Suddendly a group of ships with an unknown desing jump out foldspace and send a message to the Picaran, Solician and Kya:

- We are back to help our old allies and destroy the common enemies.

The fleet has about 100 ships and all have an old green and blue flag with a lynx in the middle. Long time has passed since it was seen last time.

The Picaran are here again.

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Two Setara warships were blasting MAC cannons at a Vong ship, and the ship's dovin basals were sucking the bolts in, they were doing no damage.  The VOng had modified their dovin basals to catch MAC blasts, this war was going to get a whole lot harder.  The Setara warships dove away from the fighting.

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"incoming plasma missles." The tac officer said.

"Evasive action. Target plasma launchers and open fire with evrething we got." King said with a bit of anger in his voice.

Streaks of plasma raced towards the vong stronghold. Las gun fire reflected off the cold arctic wilderness as missles raced behind. The first las gun blasts were swalowed easily by the voids. As were many of th missles.

"Fire mac cannon."

The large glowing sphere launched towards the vong base.  The basses voids  already exausted by the las gun and missles they had no chance of stopping the  three mac cannons. the base expolded in a large flash.

"fleeing vong on foot sir." the tac officer noted.

"Fire ground pounders." king said looking away.

Large streaks of heavy las gun fire and heacy machine guns ripped to many of the fleeing vong.

"incoming plasma blo..... the tac officer was cut off by a large plasma missle impact. the ships sheilds shudderd at the hits.

"sheilds down to 3.14%." The tac officer said shoving a peice of rice pie off a near by station.

"Get us out of here." King screemed at the tac officer.

It was to late another wave impacted. The ships engines failed. The ship raced towards the ground taking hit after hit of plasma on the way down.

"Brace for impact." King screemed.This was only suposed to be a 3 hour mission a three hour mission... he muttered to himself moments before the impact.

The ships impact was nothing more then blackness to King he passed out the moment the ship impaceted. The ship impacted beside one of olikas primes mountins.

All the crew could do is sit there and hope the vong lose them and hope that the becon would pass through the moutins heavy metals. But it dident they were left there. 3,654 crew to fight the vong all alone. All alone in the night...........


"Sir we lost contact with the KYA command Dreadnught." Kalvin told captin Philips.

"Show me." Phill replyed.

"Sorry sir but we the sats cant see though the the heavy metals in that area."

"Chances of survival?" Phill asked.

"Not very good sir." Kalvin replyed.

"Verry well. Untill it is found that King survived the atack. I am taking full command of the KYA military."

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Solician fighters strafed the incoming vong footsoldiers as kyotos popped out of rubble fox holes to finish them of.

"Incoming plas...AAAAGH," cried on the kyotos as he was engulfed in plasma.

5 drop ships land out side of the kyoto base delivering 5 infantry support tanks. only 20 kyotos were out of base and 15 dead.

solician fighter flew along side of kya dreadnaughts escorting them into battle and protecting them while charging mac cannons


as the burst of light hit the vong ships they caused the flesh to boil on the vong ships creating puss bubbles and blackened patches on the vong ships, they worked but the GRAC took too long to charge.

"put the GRAC away have the dreadnaughts focuss on refueling our fighters and postion the dreadnoughts over the kyoto base.

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The Prototype ship was aware of the new strength of the Vong vessels.  The ability to intercept MAC Cannon fire was pretty bad.  The prototype had retreated back to Olika Prime where the orignial battle was still raging, followed by a second wave of Vong ships.  The prototype swerved in and out being hit by plasma blasts every twenty seconds or so.  It was firing rear missiles, which were being sucked inb y Dovin Basals.  Coralskippers began to close in, firing on the prototype, and then its shields failed.  The prototype detonated itself, sending a shockwave behind it, destroying some of the skips.  

Two dozen coralskippers, began to fly in formation strafing a Fedikay base.  The base was exploding under heavy plasma fire, and smoke was wafting up from it.  Then the Coralskippers turned to the nearby city.  They began to strafe it as well, plasma blasts slamming into skyscrapers.  Smoke was so thick that no one could see and the chaos was total.  Then the coralskippers began to fire in a circular pattern around the city, weakening the ground.  Finally, ten minutes later the city collapsed upon itself into the sinkhole the skips created.  

A civilian transport was lifting off from behind a nearby mountain, refugees attempting to evacuate.  The coralskippers who had destroyed the city and the fedikay base swooped in on the transport, firing from all sides.   Explosions ripped along its hull, and it fell into a nearby ravine.  

Then the skies above the area filled with hundreds of arriving coralskipers, and dozens of corvette and frigate analogs, a dozen warships.  Several dozen Yuuzhon VOng troop ships landed dispersing troops, the Vong had gained a serious foothold on Olika Prime, again.

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"Fire mac cannons. FIRE EVRETHING!" Phil screemed at kalvin

"Las gun fire raced towards the Vong ship evre shot being was sucked into the vongs shilds. All missles but 1 were sucked into the voids even with the proximity fuse set. The one grappled onto the vong ship and drilled its way through the armor  exploding inside the ship. The ship exploded in a large white flames.

"Skips dected at 4:00 a clock." Kalvin said excited.

"Forget the skips target the rest of those drop ships. Target the middle of them and fire the mac cannon."

a large glowing yellow streak raced from the cruiser cannon and impacted the middle drop ship. The shock wave destroyed the 8 dropships surounding it. Killing over a hundered thousand vong.  Phill was tossed out of his chair the ships a sudden the ships sudden maunever.

"Sorry sir."

The planitary mac cannons finaly fixed after being damaged by vong infiltraters flared to life fireing heavy mac cannon shells at the last of the vong ships. Even with the vongs new sheilds they could not stop a heavy mac cannon shell.  Mac cannon shells tore though the the vong ships cutting them in two most of the time.

The last of the vong ships in orbit were retreating.

"Tell the PMC to fire on the vong stronge holds. The fools destoryed the last major city on the east continet. To bad it was the only city over there."

dozen of streaks of fire raced towards the vong basses on the east continet.  Small portiens of the continet glowed as the heat from the mac cannon shells vaped all life down there. Taking the vongs new stonghold.


"Sir, Sir, Wake up sir." King heard Nema the tac officer voice in his ear.

King sat up. All the stations on the bridge were dead. But there apeared to be little structul damage.

"Statis report."

"The ship survived the impact very well sir. Some of the las gun and missle bateries are still functional but ground pounders and mac cannon are down. Engines are down. We wont be able to repair them with out some weak in dock. Vong ground transports have been sighted about 3 clicks away. Hopefully they think us dead and not atack. Crew is full almost no casulties reported. The ship shuddered under the impact of a plasma missle. King ran to the only window on the dec 3 dozen vong ground cars were racing towards the ship.

"Send em to hades."

Las gun streaks raced out and impacted the vong ground cars. With no voids they exploded after a single hit.

more later. Snow day WOOOOOOOHOOOOO. er...sorry.

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  • 2 weeks later...

King looked on through one of the broken plas windows.

6 vong tanks 4 ground cars and dozens of men trailing. The ships last las gun bateries were striped of there power cores to set up sheilds in the near by caves. The missles had been placed in the snow outside with proximity fuses. The only weapons left inside were the secureity las guns and some small mines that had been set. Most of the crew had taken up position in the nearby caves, But some of the crew had taken up postion in the ship to hold off the vong long enough for the caves shields to activate. 8 minutes to the vong hit 16 till the shields activated. The On ship speaker flared to life.

"Vong aproching. I crew man your stations arm the missles. T- 4 minutes till vong or all over us."

Crew ran passed him runining to there gaurd stations at likely enterence points. The mines out side detenated.

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  • 3 weeks later...

King awoke by the impact of a hypodermic needel. His vision was still blury but he heard the voice of LT. Eva.

"Sir, sir are you awake?"


Philips stared blankly at the report.

Over a dozen KYA outposts have been destoryed in the past two weeks. A new wave of vong ships have been atacking. Behind a Vong Super Battleship. The vong battleship had a message on its side in human. it read. "Behold the insterment of your dustruction."

So far every ship to confront it had been torn to shreds.  Olika Defenses had been put on high alert but every one knew that if the thing atacked. if we dident destroy it right away KYA would fall.

All for now. More later.

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