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Can someone explain to me the Ordos ending ?


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You know, they tell the Emperor that he will be a pawn in their game, but his guards also walk away as with the Harkonnen ending...so I guess the lizard is going to kill him or something? Cause the lady bends down to release it (or to cuddle it :P)

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Atreides -> arrest the Emperor

Harkonnen -> Shoot the Emperor down with laser gun (first shot smashes his throne)

Ordos -> Set the dog on the Emperor

No. :P.

Harkonnen: soldier kills emperor, then kills his advisor as well. Then, the throne crumbles.

Ordos: the dog doesn't actually do anything...

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Atreides: Mentat arrests emperor and has 3 swordmasters standing beside him.

Ordos: Mentat tells emperor to be a pawn rather than be killed. Lady holding lizard messes with it at the end.

Harkonnen: Mentat w/soldier kill emperor, kill advisor, Throne piece shatters

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Hmm, how where you able to read those pak-files. I mean the graphics in them. I believe I was able to open the text files. Trying to change the max unit number, but for some reason I can't find it anymore ???

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