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    Redux 2 Beta.
  3. What's up everyone? It's been a long time (a little over a year). Is it just me or has this place been slowly but surely becoming more quiet? What I really want to know is, what kind of interest remains for Dune 2 clones?
  4. The demo has provided me with many favorable responses from employers. Many thanks to those who contributed with bug reports and ideas, they certainly helped. I am going to remain extremely busy until I am settled down in my new job, so unfortunately there will be a big delay in development. Even then it will likely be at a much slower pace, but I am still very proud of this project and I don't want to see it die. Vidi: I'm sorry you can't get the game working. It has been tested on systems as slow as 400mhz with 16mb of video memory. From what I remember, your system is way beyond that but let me know your specs so we can try to figure it out. Stefan: I've been keeping tabs on your development as always, and it's exciting to see the prospects that have come up. I sincerely hope that work comes along smoothly, and that there's a balance between adding features and keeping the workload managable, so we can someday soon enjoy the fruits of the effort. Andrew: I've just got to personally thank you here. You've been a tremendous help
  5. this sounds really cool, and I downloaded it to try it, but I think I'll wait till the player creation is updated, because I agree it really is a pain. is there a way to try it without creating all the players?
  6. neonext


    it's hard to say whether it was some kind of copycat strike, or the responsibility of the original group. true, the results were nowhere near the results of the first bombings, but apparently the same explosive material was used in the bombs. perhaps they were just trying to shift from using suicide bombers to leaving the devices and trying to make an escape, which is a lot more difficult to pull off, hense the bombs not fully detonating. who knows
  7. I highly doubt it. Illinois is one of the eight states where the use of eminent domain for private development is all but prohibited by law
  8. Yup, I will fix this, in addition to the problem with it canceling contruction when there are items in the queue You are probably missing something. I'll see if I can get the "Our base is under attack" to be a bit more reliable. The AI builds many structures, the palace being almost the last one. This makes me think that perhaps the AI's should have different build orders based on the difficulty. If work on the next version goes smoothly, I will see if I can optimize the code some more. Once again, lots of good stuff. I have my work cut out for me
  9. Version 1.01 is ready and waiting. Please let me know soon if there are any new major problems, as this will be the version I will be demonstrating to potential employers. New players can download the full repackaged game, which is about 23 megabytes compressed. http://redux.dune2k.com/ Special thanks to all players and those who have contributed with bug reports and suggestions. I couldn't have got here so quickly without you. REVISIONS SINCE 1.0 x Fixed problem with player giving orders to infantry to attack structures x Fixed problem with credits going well over the absolute maximum limit, causing the strange credit problems (Andrew) x Fixed some interface artwork problems that caused selected aircraft to be blackened out for certain sides x Harvest control has been completely changed. You now have direct control over your harvesters. The only time they automate is when they are first deployed, in which case they will search for the nearest uncovered spice field. Harvesters will continue to return to the same spice spot that they harvested from until givin a different order (Andrew) x Refineries will now pick up harvesters that are not full x You can now click on refineries when harvesters are selected to order them to return. When you do this, they will not lose track of their harvest location. If you want the harvester to return and not go back out to harvest, click on a cell that is adjacent to the refinery x At least one spice field is now placed near each player's base (Andrew) x Pending reinforcements no longer prevent a game from finishing. This should solve most instances where the player is left sitting on a map with no opposition left. Keep me informed (Andrew) x Fixed a problem with aircraft guidance. Aircraft should no longer fly off the map to the north. Let me know if you still catch it happening (Andrew) x Fixed a bug which caused overlays (such as walls) to become unavailable after a few games x Updated structs.txt to load all structures with multiple definitions correctly. This is needed for the campaign mode when players aren't loaded in their normal spot and for skirmishes where a player's side is changed (Andrew) x Added ability to base a structure's requirement on a structure# + owner's side#. Structures with multiple definitions (for side differences) can now be refered to by putting an 's' and then the starting structure number. See "Requires" entry in structs.txt for an example. x Due to the above fix, many structure requirements have been changed and the build menu layout has also been changed x The skirmish menu now properly assigns you to a player slot after a campaign has already been started (Andrew) x Fixed new bug that prevented the player from entering numbers into the chat box x Changed default map AI base layouts some and increased the max # of structures in the game to 128 x Fixed problem with short aircraft names loading incorrectly x You can now tell where harvesters will be drawn in refineries. In the refinery data section in structs.txt, menu type/item 2 are the negative x/y cell offsets, and type/item 3 are the negative x/y pixel offsets. Type/item 4 are the facing angles for the harvester x Added new value in aircraft.txt: Turn Rate, which decides how slow the aircraft turns and seems to mostly fix the problem with the aircraft turning in endless mini circles around its target x AI players with a difficulty rating of at least average will now repair their structures (Andrew) x Aircraft now target nearby units, infantry, and structures correctly (Andrew) x You can now tell the game where to draw the defensive structures' weapons over them. Use menu type 2 for the x offset value and menu item 2 for the y offset value x Added more weapon and structure slots to the game, if you are keeping your modified weapons.txt or structs.txt, make sure you add the extra entries to the end when you start using this new version x Fixed problem with structure menu items being carried over to another page when the box should be empty x Fixed bug which resulted in the free construction yard by selecting empty boxes explot (Cyborg) x Fixed a new problem with trajectories for weapons with "Arcing" property x Fixed splash damage done to structures x Some small misc fixes and changes
  10. not really... cant think of anyone with something AMD, let alone Athlon
  11. what should i do then? just upgrade to a new cpu/mobo combo and be done with it?
  12. well, it seems the new power supply has solved the power-related problems, such as the system not turning on and the system shutting off on its own, but i still cant get the startup screen to show. while i was working on it, i took a close look at my cpu and near the core it is black on both sides, with a discoloring on most of the inner part of the chip. i'm thinking that i burnt the chip too much with that old fan :( no beeping or anything when i try to start up, no power led either. it looks like it's been narrowed down to either the cpu or the m/b, so i'm wondering... if you had a faulty cpu, would the power led not light up? should i just try to replace the cpu, or could it still be a problem with the m/b?
  13. If they aren't even able to build trikes and it still happens, then there is definitally something else wrong. I'll look into it The Dune 2 mod doesn't use the engine to it's full potential. The CnC mod is much better in terms of graphic quality and amount of action. The Total Annihilation mod is only about halfway done, but is surprisingly similar to the original, with only slightly worse graphics. The Star Wars mod is mostly done, and features a different playstyle, where aside from running around with your troops and their laser pistols (and the various vehicles of the star wars universe), you fly space battles where you control a single xwing or whatever. I need to add more support for using just a keyboard, but it works great with a gamepad. The last mod, the original Redux 3 modern war themed game, is a mix between the Star Wars mod and the CnC mod. Each mod uses at least one major feature not used in the others. It might be possible to release some of them in the future, but for now there is no chance of releasing to the general public :(
  14. i'll be picking one up tomorrow, hopefully it works. My old one was 300W so I am going to get one that is the same wattage. IIRC that is the important thing
  15. This is a problem with the order of structures in struct.txt and the references to them in the r3m map file you are using. For the next version, I took the time to reorganize structs.txt and update the map file to reflect the changes. This is strange... I haven't seen it yet, but I will investigate Air units are never counted. This should only happen in campaign mode and is probably a result of the bug where units run off the right side of the map Will do. Would be nice for structures too. Also a sell button, I've been wanting that feature for awhile, as I often get caught with no form of income and a bunch of now useless structures Guard mode on units has not been implemented yet, I will add it to the list I have seen this too, I'm not sure what is causing the problem but I will figure it out. Harvesters always go to the closest available platform. EDIT: It turns out that silos have indeed been coded to raise the credit cap for each player. There are bugs in 1.0, however, that prevent this feature from working properly, which makes the credit cap become the absolute maximum, which is currently about 32000. There are also bugs with this limit, and when it is crossed the credit meter will not function correctly (and possibly some other strange behaviour changes as well) This is the biggest remaining thing I'm working on for the next update. There are definitally too many problems with them They are just cheating ;D I might take the time to go through the map file and sort the structure entries so that they are in the right build order, but for now the AI players will just be given an extra edge over the player This is probably the coolest bug fix in the next version. Orni's will now act like units do, attacking things within its weapon's max range I will try to add something to at least try to prevent units from ever leaving the map. Let me know if this still happens in the next version It used to be completely random. The new way is much better - this game is quickly becoming very cool and fun to play :) I thought I had fixed this bug, thanks for the report. Your posts are always full of good bug/feature list items. Thanks again for your help
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