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  1. A mutator adds or replaces data so that it changes the game rules. You can build other units or some units are modified, for example.
  2. I see. And what about that tank thingie... the Guild Niab Tank if I am not mistaken?
  3. There is one unit I never read about... The Guild Maker. I haven't been playing with the Guild as a subhouse yet. So please tell me: is this such a bad unit?
  4. He does this work for Dune 2000 also? I've been through all the missions on normal succesfully, but if I would have known that it would have been a hell lot easier >:( !
  5. You have to wreck a vehicle first, don't we. And can't airunits land on the place where the crate is?
  6. Does anyone know a good mutator that lets you play as the imperial side?
  7. I'm surprised I haven't read this anywhere. Maybe it's because I have no multyplayer experience... (or I just don't read very well :) ) O well here goes. Build/Order about 10-12 Orni's/Gunships and built 3-4 Landing Pads, for fast reloading. This way you have a very good force to take out any unit that has no anti-aircaft properties, or attack some structures. Crate hunting is also quite easy. But again, I don't have any multiplayer experience... but it works for me against the AI.
  8. Alright then, and what about multiple starports & palaces?
  9. I alwasy imagine that if an infantry gets hit by a rocket or something, it only does 'splash damage' to him. But he, can you explain that heat theory to us, or would that be to complicated for my XXS sized brains :-[ ?
  10. Alright, I'll probably sound like a newbie posting this question... but ok. Does having more of the same building ( for example, three barracks) increase your building speed? I once read it does, but I don't understand how it could.
  11. Your tips are very good but you made a little mistake: Leeches cannot damage another leech ;) .
  12. Yes, you have made it clear for me. Thanx!
  13. What a brilliant idea to bind an number to the ixian projectors, Exo Ehereal. How come I didn't think of that...
  14. What I meant was increasing the differences by altering their repairing possibilities.
  15. Well I beat it anyway. I just build a Fremen Camp and sent about 10 Fremen Fedaykins to attack and I finished the worm with some remaining forces. Just in case you were interested.
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