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Continuing 'The Expelled'....


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Hell... I don't visit for a day, and it goes haywire!

The plot restated:

You've all been stranded on a new world. You're not sure what went wrong, but you're split into tribes...

You're all human, but since you've been here, you seem to have changed... in strange ways. There are plains, hills, semi-desert wastelands, and seas. Everyone is still on one mainland, though.

OK. To prevent it getting silly:

No going to war unless approved by Ex or me (by IM). If Ex is going to be part of it again, then just me. Try for diplomacy... and you MUST have a good reason for war.

And fially, nothing stupid. Don't use ridiculous technology. Declare all technologies now, and some will be approved of; anything secret can be declared by IM. Technology (probably) cannot be added to after the game has commenced without good reason.

If you fail to comply, you will suffer post deletion.


Restate houses... and remeber:

1. Don't be stupid.

2. Diplomacy is the key.

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(okay,I'm making a whole new house.)

//////House Xcos(Ex-os).////

Our army consists of mainly snipers,and aa troopers.Our villages are located in the hills.

Two Xcos scientists with dark purple robes walk down the halls of the Ginex Communication Center,talking in low voices and frowning at a map."--There seems to by an unusualy high number of pirate activity near the Mother Hole---"One of them said."Yes,do you think they discovered a way to get through the Mother Hole?"The second asked."Maybe,maybe not."

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Tribe Deklok at your service! Our skin is patterned to be camouflaged in the desert terrain. Our population is limited - 400 to 500. We are seperated somewhat, but with a sound emitted from our throats, we centralize ourselves near the emitter. We are experienced fighters, so we will put up a good fight. We try to keep peace with everyone, but if push comes to shove comes to tackle we will give you one more chance till we declare war.

Our technology is quite limited due to our survival in the desert using our ownselves as weapons. We do however can steal certain weaponry or other technology and with our scientists (who know enough to do this) we will understand how they work and replicate it with the resources we have around the desert.

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Tribe Tanith we live in the hills and in caves, experts in guerilla warfare especiely in woodland around the hills (is that ok?) and all members have a SA80. We are prepared to defend our bordiers pacifly though.

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"What,a civilian?"The scientist looked at the persons dark clothes,and suddenly,20,of the dark-robed people jump in,killing the scientist."Sir,there seems to be a break-in at Quardon X.""Who are they?""They appear to be pirates""Typical.Destroy and dispose of them and their bodys,and set up stronger security.Also launch 3 more Ion Cannons into orbit."

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ok so we are now serious so no disco ninjas with "herbs"? No? ok.

cheech and chong where rejected teilaxu face dancers. They both where 1.5 feet high where blue and could mutate into animals but not humans(these two are serious not the cheech and chong from the movies)!

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'? = Permission Asking'

We are the Telerips. An Elite Squad Force of only about 50 specialists. We are experts of Camouflage.

We each carry a Pinpoint precision silenced, Assassians Rifle <|Provided it doesen't get too powerful|>

Plus we each hold a specialality weapon. Myself, simple dual daggers that go by the name of D'ktagh.

We also have a secret weapon that will be cleared by IM. Only Nema, and the first Tribe to hire us will know about it until it can be used. And the poor tribe that suffers. haha.

<|How about some disadvantages, now?|>

"Hiring Costs."- Hiring permanant, costs are protection from hunting tribes and shelter/food.


Whoever Hires us can ask by IM about our Specialality People. Don't worry, nothing stupid. Just things like LockPickers, Infiltrators (ninja type, not E:BFD type), etc.

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We are the Sarunith, a fremen tribe consistant of a small number of elite fighters. Our most important weapon is our extent experience in various tactics and in covert operations. Unfortunately, we only have 28 men in our hideout.

As for diplomacy, we are open for alliance negotiations.

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He hey... At last my most thanx goes to Nema that he lastly applied the game master thing *applause*

We'r the Predator clan Gryador


Imagine Predator from the movie. We've been changed right? So we now have the chameleon skin that allows cloaking <|Only in your underground tunnels|>. We have Helmets on our faces cause we look wierd... Helmets give us infrared vision that focuses on living beings, <|since it's too dark in the tunnels. Outside, you can only hunt at night, because you are blinded by the sun.|>. Other tech. will be explained later...

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So we hunt with simple spearguns ( No tracking or metal braking just spears fired with strong force (pneumatic) so it can rip the head away. Another weapon is located on the right hand the wristblades - simple double blades that are conected to the hand (No poison or smth.) AND a combat spear.... (just wondering how to explain the "iron cuting" thing).

P.S I won't use the other weapons until I find an explanation...

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Much like Ex and Nema I am remaining a nuetral observor.  Keep it on topic, we've let some slack up around here and no one wants to see Ex get cranky, or Nema suffer a cerebral hemorage from reading to fast, or me sleep deprived from watching everything, or Gob just having an accident with some coffee and the keyboard.

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Tribe volpone have sent out 10 of their most highly trained scouts to find other races, and if possible, make alliances with them.  The weapons of the Volpone have been upgraded to the GR33 assault rifle.  Some are now armed with sniper rifles and other heavy weapons.  However, all that the Volpone want is peace...

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Yeah found an explanation for medicomp:

We have a small portable computers on our left hands that can control life systems and recieve coded signals. It can produce a medicine that leave Predators painless for some hours than the effect passes. Predators have 3 types of visions:

The heat vision - best for hunting humans and other life forms

The tech vision - great when in the day light (since we'r blinded) it shows terrain and other structures but doesn't show life beings so i's best to hunt at night.

It was late evening, when the Volpone scouts standed for a rest. One of them was smoking and talking to the other one. Suddenly a sound *dun* and one's head was riped from him ant sticked to the near cliff with a spear. Then a loud sound *Trrrrrrrr*   and the other one was liying with a spear in his chest.

*A Predator apeared from the darkness he wasn't cloacked. He tooks both skools gathered his spears and escaped into the darkness*

(( Jacob send an ambassador to me ))

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A Xcos Warrior snipes at the Predator,sadly,he is too late.He jumps down to the Volpone forces."Are you okay?"He asks one of them.then he looks at the body without a head."Guess not.Anyway,I have come here to seek an alliance with you,and ask if you will help us with the war against pirates."

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A two man Sarunith patrol was strolling the desolate lands near the Volpone border. It was a night as many nights, or at least it would seem to be.

"What was that?" said the first soldier.

"What are you talking about" said number two.

"There it is again! Check your PSA (Portable Sensor Array)! I have a bad feeling about this."

"You are right. Two lifeforms are emerging from Volpone territory. Readings suggest that both are predators."

"What could they be doing here?"

"I do not know. They seem to be in a hurry. Perhaps they have assaulted the Volpones and are now fleeing."

"You know the orders from our tribe leader. No predators are to escape when spotted. Charge your weirding module."

The soldiers then started to sneak upon the predators.

"Wait for my signal!" said the first soldier, who was the superior of the second one."NOW!!!"

With that both soldiers fired their weirding modules at the predators. The predators screamed in horrorible agony, but sustained the initial wave of sound. They began to return fire. In the following firefight one predator was killed, and the other one fled out of sensor range. The body of the dead predator was taken to the Sarunith headquarters for examination.

<|Declare all technology before posting again... even 'fremen' covers a wide range of questions|>

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