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Septembers Winners List


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Ok, heres the list, the only ones being left out where the ips, if any ha any other evidence that proves some one of cheating this month post it here for the community to decide on.


1 Speaker D3m0nseer

2 Master Thief Mentat Ezzerion

3 Mentat R3ck

4 Mentat Oper90

5 Mentat Deluged

6 Mentat Die4honr

7 Mentat V1olat0r

8 General Jroz

9 General Assasyn

10 General Splatmann


1 Duke Atrst0rm

2 Fedaykin Rezoramon 442

3 Mentat Ipzorj

4 Mentat Darkkavu7

5 Mentat Mukiz

6 Mentat Jaira

7 Mentat D0cpa1n

8 General Jbonde007

9 General Mikroabso

10 General Rtzutikib


1 Baron Sh3lsh0ck

2 General B3li4l

3 Mentat Xpower666

4 Mentat Xxhomer

5 Mentat H4rkonn3n

6 Mentat Brennq

7 Mentat Xcept666

8 Mentat Harkmark2

9 Overseer Frosco

10 Overseer Ipmarcus

Again if there is any one on here that has cheated THIS MONTH show you case here, and the forum will decide. Please dont spam, or flame, just be adults about it.

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Nope it isn't too early. #2 ordos is missing I think that's you rota.


[hide]Because of the seriousness of this topic, I'm going to have to ask you to shut up, in advance. We know what you're going to say and you know how we're going to respond, so lets just save ourselves some typing.[/hide]

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indeed but 1 the old players have to back, and dont flame the easy or new players maybe its is the cause that ppl dont like qm's.

i give a basic bo (building order) and invite the easy player for 1vs1 and teach he, maybe its a good way.

indeed elite with 460 points u are the 1, i saw that was too exaustive to find other players...

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I have a question: I am here 10th, there are 4 players in front of me which are in ranks behind me !

This a mistake or did u create that list before the ladder finished ? It does not really matter for me but i think it is incorrect

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460 points WADDA FUCK !?! dude i remember in march when i got rank 2 hark, I had 700 POINTS ! (well not at the end thx to xvayne ;D)

holy cow 460 pts.....rofll...

Good day


Maybe the "old times" was too fun..... its incredible in "modern times"!!!

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man i wish there was more competition i won first with only 20 wins!! thats sad!

Why dont all of the players who still visit this board play qm next month?? if we all played qm it would be so much fun...

Yeah if all the board members would play (again) then there would be a lot more competition. Common all just like d3m0nger organizing a tourny we can keep this game alive iv we would just play (more).

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